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11 May 2015
New AVETMISS reporting requirements are being grappled with by many of our NSW customers right now, so I thought I'd put together a quick cheat sheet to answer some common questions.

Please note, you must be running at least onCourse 7.1 to have access to these reporting options.

Where do I record the Commitment ID for Smart & Skilled?
21 Apr 2015
As part of onCourse 7.0 (released December 2014), a very powerful scripting and template engine for business workflow automation was made available to all onCourse customers.
09 Feb 2015
This FAQ follows on from USI FAQ Part 1: The automatic verification process

The focus in this FAQ are the business processes onCourse RTO software can assist you with for finding, collecting and reminding students about their USI obligations.

More information is also available in the Unique Student Identifier (USI) chapter of the user documentation.