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Internet Merchant Number guide

How to request your merchant/terminal ID from your bank to allow internet payments

So you have signed up to onCourse and you are excited about getting online enrolments up and running. To allow us to enable this feature, you will need to contact your bank and have them provide you with some details of your merchant account. If you don’t already have a merchant account, then you will need to establish that first. All banks will be happy to help you do this and in fact will be quite competitive over your business: don’t hestitate to haggle over the best merchant rate.

We support the following banks:

  • ANZ Australia
  • Bank of South Australia
  • BOQ
  • Bank West
  • CitiGroup
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • National Australia Bank
  • St George
  • Westpac Australia

Once we have received your details we will be able to set you up as an Internet Merchant in our system and you will be able to process credit cards directly into your bank account. If you have any further questions regarding this, you may also phone ish on 02 9550 5001 or email

You will need to supply ish with the following details:

Merchant ID

This is an electronic merchant number generated by the bank specifically for your business to be able to transact online. ANZ Australia may also refer to this field as an ‘EPOS Number’.

Terminal ID

This is a number associated with the ‘Merchant ID’. A merchant can have one or many Terminal IDs. Commonwealth Bank customers will not have a Terminal ID at all. All other banks will issue one.

Card acceptor name

This is the name that appears on the card holders’ statement. This field must have no more than 25 characters.

Card acceptor location

This is the physical location of business operation. This is usually the town or city of your business.

Merchant category code

Your bank will assign you with a merchant category code based on your business type.

If you wish to accept American Express cards (AMEX):

(AMEX Terminal ID and Merchant ID)

If you are an existing American Express merchant call American Express directly on 1300 363 614 option 3 and ensure your current merchant number is exclusively in use with DPS. If not please request an additional merchant number exclusively for DPS use. Please also request that American Express issue a terminal ID for the Merchant number to be used in DPS processing.

If you are not currently an American Express merchant call American Express directly on 1300 363 614 option 4 and discuss becoming an American Express merchant, requesting a “merchant number” and “terminal ID” for DPS use.

Specifics for Australian banks


Contact number: 1300 366 988

You, the Merchant, must advise ANZ that you will be using ANZ bureau. Your ePOS Terminal ID will be 11 digits starting with “0250” and ending with “01”. We do not require a “terminal id” for ANZ.

Commonwealth Bank

Contact number: 1800 730 554 or 1800 230 177

If you acquire through the Commonwealth Bank, it may be helpful to make known to your banking representative that you are looking for a ‘CommWeb PSP’ connected through Direct Payment Solutions (DPS). We do not require a “terminal id” for the Commonwealth Bank.

National Australia Bank

Contact number: 1300 369 852

Ask for an Interpay facility. Your merchant ID will be 8 digits and is referred to as the Electronic Banking Number by NAB. Your Terminal ID will be 6 characters.

St George

Contact number: 13 38 00

Apply for an OCA (Online Credit Authority) facility. Your merchant ID will be 15 digits starting with 05799820. Your Terminal ID is 8 digits generally starting with 00.


Contact number: 1800 029 749

Ask Westpac to setup ONLY the Internet Merchant Facility and not to set up WebAdvantage. Your Merchant number will be 8 digits starting with 2.