Replying in Outlook

Get Outlook to play nicely with the other children.

We are often impressed by the lengths Microsoft Outlook users go to in order to reply to emails and have people figure out who wrote what. All CAPS, colours and all sorts of impossible to read variations. You put your replies in blue mixed into my email; am I supposed to then reply in red? And when you reply again, what colour do you pick this time? Or if you reply in all CAPS how do I make my capitals bigger than yours?

Luckily the solution is not complicated. You can get Outlook to reply in “internet standard formatting” which has been the accepted norm for internet users since the late 1980’s.

Setting Outlook to quote text

  1. Start Microsoft Outlook and select the menu item Tools -> Options.
  2. Select “E-mail Options…”
  3. Select “Prefix each line of the original message” and use “> “ as the prefix option.
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