Coles Myer

Business-to-business survey.

The challenge

Coles Myer needed to collect a range of information from their suppliers, amounting to several million answers. This information would be analysed in a range of ways to help Coles Myer make strategic decisions about supply-side systems.

ish was originally passed this opportunity by IBM – the two week deadline between first phone call and deployment meant they needed a small and nimble team able to put together this secure web site quickly.

The solution

Using WebObjects, Java and a web interface, we built their system in a way that allowed us to fine tune the survey as it progressed. Code was written to be flexible and generic, so that questions could be updated. The resulting site is hosted by ish.

Later, we developed an administrative interface for Coles Myer staff which allows them to view and edit data, as well as email groups of participants en masse.