Our tracking system which ensures none of your important tasks are left behind.

Squish is a task tracking application developed for our own use and for our customers. We evaluated similar off-the-shelf products such as TestTrack Pro, but found them too inflexible for our requirements. We wanted to be able to track not only bug reports for our software products, but also network and other customer issues.

Squish fulfils these roles. It tracks different types of tasks and keeps the customer informed of progress. It tracks computers, software and printers owned by the customer and the problems that have been fixed against them over time. This means we can quickly identify past problems for an item and see what the previous solutions were.

By being fully integrated with our email systems, we can share information quickly between ish staff and ensure each of use doesn’t have a separate mail inbox overflowing with ‘todo’ items.

If you need to lodge a bug report or feature request, you can do so here.