onCourse in Action

Coffee School, a popular hospitality training institution that offers accredited barista and RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) courses.

The problem

Coffee school had an urgent need automate their systems. They were swamped with enrolment and payment-related phone calls, tutors were marking class attendance rolls manually, and staff was spending significant time transferring data from paper to their custom database.

The RSA business is especially price competitive, so administration staff costs must be kept as low as possible.

The solution

onCourse accepts and processes online enrolments 24/7, including invoicing, payment and sending confirmation directly to the student. At the end of training, statements of attainment are automatically generated, stored in the onCourse document management and emailed to students. Students are also sent automated reminders if they haven’t completed their AVETMISS data, reducing the amount of followup required in the classroom or from admin staff.

Trainers mark the role and mark outcomes through a special mobile web application, feeding this data in real time back to the Coffee School office.

The onCourse Corporate Pass feature allows agents such as youth hostels to bulk enrol students, automatically giving them negotiated discounts.

If a student enrols in a course with an online assessment component, those enrolments are automatically created in Cloud Assess without manual intervention.

The result

After implementing onCourse, Coffee School have dramatically reduced the manual processes, cut staff costs and increased student satisfaction.