The AVS has great resources

NCVER has a great intro page, with User Guides and Validation errors info.

There’s also a download that makes it easier to find what their errors mean.

Also check out our post on AVETMISS Error and Fixes.

Sublime is well… sublime…

Sublime is a wonderful, free to download, text edit, with a feature that lets you select ‘Columns’ of text. This makes it much easier to ‘read’ a NAT File - you highlight the entire column to scan and find where things don’t match. This makes it really fantastic when you’re trying to locate issues in the NAT Files.

Sublime also has more complex searches available, so it’s a good tool in your toolbox for AVETMISS reporting.

There is also an option of viewing it as white text on black background makes it easier to read the text as compared to other text editors.

It works even better when you use the PC Shortcuts or Mac Shortcuts for sublime.

Suburb postcode combination does not match…

This one of the most common (and annoying) errors. Often it’s just a typo - the numbers are inverted or the suburb spelt incorrectly. You can find out which by seaarching the AustPost Postcode search or typing it into the Google search bar.

Sometimes that doesn’t work. The suburb postcode combination actually includes the street address, and sometimes you get this error because oficially that address is not in that suburb. This may be the student is experiencing suburb shame or suburb snobbery, or it may have changed because there’s been a new division of the suburb.

example - The student gave the address 60 John Street Croydon NSW 2132 as their address. The error comes up as ‘Suburb postcode combination does not match’.

The postcode for Croydon NSW is 2132. If you go to Street Maps, you can search the streets in the suburn and use the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ to see the street numbers on the map. There is a ‘John Street’ in Croydon, but number 60 is listed as Ashfield 2131, not Croydon 2132.

You’ll need to change the suburb and postcode to Ashfield to correct it.