These are difficult times. I’d like to share our own plans around what we are doing now and in the near future.

Our own plans

We are in a good position. We are a technology company and staff regularly work from home already. We don’t interact with the public and our team is distributed across three countries, which reduces some risk in one location. Staff are already working from home or from almost empty offices as needed.

We are negotiating increased capacity in our data centre and reviewing all our failover plans. We’ll need to reduce some of our more ambitious R&D plans in the short term, but we’ll be in a good place to roar back into growth when the industry is ready.

onCourse development

As you all know we are right at the end of our major user interface upgrade project. Some customers have asked us to slow down or stop, to reduce the need for their staff to understand the changes. We considered this seriously, but have decided that we need to complete the work ASAP.

  1. Moving to a full browser interface will make it vastly easier for you all to work from home. With version 17 you can work in a browser for almost all important functions other than Quick Enrol.
  2. The new UI is much easier for us to support and reducing our own workload allows us more time to help you with automation, online learning integrations and other very important things.
  3. Supporting the old and new interfaces together more than doubles our testing, meaning that it is more likely for bugs to sneak through.
  4. Governments aren’t stopping. Both TCSI (VET student loans and higher ed) and USI plans to shut down old systems are continuing. Changes to PCI DSS credit card standards require changes in our software.

We know that once you get your head around the new changes, you’ll find all ways to become more productive, automate your business and produce better student journeys. We are thrilled that onCourse is continuing to innovate way beyond what any other software vendor is creating in this industry.

Online learning

We’ve shifted our development focus to see how we can better support your shift to online learning. We are already working on enhancing our Google Classrooms integration. Last week I offered offered to provide online learning integrations at no cost and that offer stands.

I wish you all the best as you navigate ways to sustain your business through this period. We want to offer our skills to help you, so let us know what you need.