What is a Thumbnail?

On your onCourse template website, thumbnails are the small image in the course lists and course descriptions.

Thumbnails are already part of the template websites, so it’s easy to start adding them to your course descriptions. You don’t have to use them, but they can be a very effective way to add visual interest and navigation points in your course list and descriptions.

They’re particularly useful for ‘hunt and click’ style visitors - those who don’t know what they’re looking for but will know when they find it.

Thumbnail Images in the Course Listing Source: Brisbane Painting Classes Course List View Thumbnail

Thumbnail Images in the Course Descriptions Source: Brisbane Painting Classes Course Description Thumbnail

You can read more about them in our manual here.

Thumbnails vs Hero Images

onCourse also has the option to use a Hero image. This is a large image at the top of your course description. It does not appear in your course list view. NBCC Tag Image

In onCourse template websites, it’s best if you pick one or the other for the course descriptions - using both can make the designs clash.

If you like the look of a larger image with the thumbnails, you can use pictures on your tags to get this effect. Gallary307 Art School Tag and Thumbnail