From Task

For training to be reported at TNC, it must be Not Yet Started (85) or withdrawn(40).

If the student never started, you set the outcomes as Did Not Start - 66, and this will export as 85.

If the student started and did not complete, they are Withdrawn.

Smart & Skilled will not accept TNC with any other outcomes status.

You can fix this on onCourse by

  1. Marking a ‘withdrawn’ (40) outcome on any unit which the student started training but did not complete. Details of how to do this are in the onCourse manual here.

  2. If the student did not start training in that unit, change the start date the start date to a future date (any day after today) and it will report the correct outcome.

That should fix up that errors, and let you report the data. Let me know how it goes.

Not sure what happened that export as I can’t see the settings used, or the data from that daty

Automatically reported as 70 - Continuing enrolment

Yes, if the outcomes are ‘not set’, the start date is in the past and the end date is in the future, then the export should make that a 70 code. If the outcomes status is not ‘not set’ it won’t work.


The 00 is a deliberate error on our part, it’s meant to trigger a review for outcomes that have the data incorrectly applied. Usually, they are outcomes that are ‘not set’ status with an end date in the past. If you tick the “report these as continuing enrolment (70) ending 7 days from now” checkbox, it will fix them.

If there are any outcomes that are 00 after checking the box, then you will need to review the outcomes individually, as they likely have incorrect data.

Outcomes included in the Date Range

As per the AVETMISS standard, the query will select any outcome that activity (Start date, in progress, end date) within the date range. For example, If the student started their outcome in 2017 but did not complete until 30/03/2018, then the 70 would be reported in the current batch. If they started in 2017 and aren’t scheduled to finish until 2019, then the 70 will be in the batch.