Tracking claim amounts can be difficult, as they amount expected to be recived is dependant on the studnet completion. Smart and Skilled is especially hard to track, as they cap is based off the standard subsidy, rather than the total subsidy.

Set up an invoice for each committment ID

You could use the same payer, or multiple payers if you want to track the amounts claimed by program or even course.

  1. Create a manual invoice to the total claimable amount with the NSW Education Dept as the payer. If there is a loading amoutn, you can use the invoice lines to separate the amounts.
  2. add the Commitment ID to the invoice reference
  3. create a payment plan on the invoice for the percentages and expected completion date (i.e. 20%/40%/40%)

Track expected subsidies with the filter and find options

The invoice will track the expected amounts, and mark them as unpaid.

If you’re look to be notified when payment is due, set the email for you payer to the staff member who looks after them, and use the ‘payment reminder’ script to send emails with the invoices due. This works best if you have a relativly small number of smart & skilled funded students, or if the staff member’s primary role is fudning.

Use the payment in import process to update the invoice payemtn

this is a fast way to get the ‘paid’ details on to the system. The benefit is that there is a

  1. Consider if the payment in import process can be used to import the department’s payment. See details here:

Use the STSOnline download to calculate the total paid

The total standard subsidy claimed should be calculated using the payment export STSOnline. You can access this from the STSonline portal.

Use Business Intelligence Software

Use of Business Intelligence software to help make it easier to track and interrorgate you payments. The databases are great for storing information, but the best way to interogate (or ‘mine’) data is using the features in BI tools. Pivot tables, charts, ongoing or monthly report, dashboard etc are all great features common to BI Tools.

Want some more tips for Managing your Funded programs? Check out our manual for more details

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