This week we have made some updates to the SkillsOnCourse portal.

A new feature has been implemented to allow students to provide feedback about their classes. This is a simple survey for the rating of the course, the tutor and the venue plus the opportunity for them to provide a comment. This feedback could be used in the future as testimonials for the course.

The tutor can see the summary of the responses in their portal, without any student identifying information.

Coming releases of onCourse will provide you with the opportunity to automatically send out emails at the end of the class requesting students complete the feedback, views inside onCourse of the feedback grouped by courses, tutor and venue plus the ability to publish these reviews or ratings as part as your website marketing material.

Right now, the portal update is the soft launch of this feature, putting the tool in place for this feedback gathering exercise.

There has also been some general tidy up of the pages including simplifying access to past classes. The sidebar menu now shows recently completed, in progress and future classes only. All historical classes, for both enrolments (students) and tutors can be found on the Classes tab in the history page.

As always, your feedback (and the feedback of your students and tutors who use the portal) is welcomed.