Looks like the ATO has decided not to extend the life of the AUSkey beyond 27 March. They admit that 25% of users have not migrated yet and although they classify that as success it is absolutely a disaster. A quarter of Australian businesses will not be able to access government portals including the USI a week from today. When we upgrade your website with new minimum requirements, locking out more than 0.1% of users would be unacceptable.

It is a lie to suggest they could not renew certificates beyond 27 March if they wanted to. Security of the entire internet is built on the concept of certificate and signing authority renewals. And when they only rolled out the necessary USI infrastructure to software vendors in February 2020, three years overdue, you’d think they would be a little less tone deaf about the businesses who have been given weeks to migrate.

If you are an RTO and are already running onCourse 16, get your USI integration set up today. Many of our customers have already done it. If you delayed upgrading to 16, another update will be pushed out early next week and you’ll need to get that integration done right away. Simone in our office will help you through the process.

We know it is a pain and its the last thing we all want to be doing right now. If you don’t get it done, the only bad thing that happens is that you cannot validate USIs and the system will not less students enter them online. Remember that this is outside the enrolment process, so it doesn’t get in the way of taking student details and payments.