Most of you will have received dozens of messages from the USI agency about the removal of Auskey and their new myGovID process for verifying the USI. While parts of the system were in place last year, it is only in the last few weeks that they completely the parts we needed to integrate with.

Typical for government agencies, the ATO have taken three and a half years to get to this point and then given the rest of Australia a few weeks to complete integrations, test, create a release, deploy to customers and then get all RTOs to complete onboarding. My gut feeling is that they will continue to insist Auskey will be shutdown on 31 March until the last minute and then extend the deadline substantially.

If you are an RTO, go ahead and create a myGovID (not myGov, they are completely different things!). Then link your myGovID account to your RTO business. After that, we’ll help you through the process of setting up the USI integration part. You will need to have onCourse 16 installed before the last part can be completed.

Even if you aren’t an RTO you probably want to complete the first three steps now: If you are an RTO, please get this done as soon as possible.