Assessment, Assessment Activities and end dates

onCourse’s Assessments feature is a great tool to help manage your reporting. This allows you to add your Training and Assessment Strategy dates into the database.

There are two main advantages to this -

Activty End Dates

You can use the Assessment activities to extend the end date on the outcome to last due date of assessment, which is particularly useful if you have work placement or funding contracts.

Automation opportunities

With assessment tasks in onCourse, you have a number of opportunities to automate the assessment task follow up.

There’s no default script for this as each provider’s needs vary - some will prefer to use SMS notification to contact their students, others may prefer email notifications. Smaller operators may prefer to send ad hoc messages, rather than automate them, as this allows the operators to tailor the messages to the cohort.

Setting up your Assesment task

The first stage of this is to introduce the object ‘Assessment’.

In the VET Context, Assessment relates to the Assessment Activities and will log and track the Strategy for the Learning and Assessment activities

I.e. Bob is doing BSBWOR501. He will attend two days of face to face training and has three assessment activities - A Writing task, A Short Answer Activity and a Report.

onCourse will provide you with the start end date for the outcomes based on the training delivery dates. You can add in the assessments task in the training plan section of the class, and these will be visible as part of the training delivery and attendance management.

Best of all, like the outcomes, the Assessment activities can be copied over with the new schedule when you duplicate a class.

Managing overdue assessment with onCourse

Your onCourse database recognises there are a lot of dates for outcomes - the date they started, the date they completed, their planned completion, etc. Assessment tasks have two dates that are important to managing your overdue assessments - the date released, and the date du.

If your assessment is still paper-based, you can use the assessment release date to determine when the assessment task

Follow up on outstanding assessment in the AVETMISS Runner

Another great tool is the AVETMISS Runner- there’s a summary of the outcomes with that are passed their expected end date that does not have a final outcome. This is a great way to sort and filter by the funding type.

The assessment feature lets you extend the end date to the last due date, and as ‘report ending 7 days from now’ slider doesn’t change the expected end date, you can use the find related link to open a list of all your outcomes and action items that could be followed up, or closed. This is particularly good for any enrolment where you have reporting due dates.