Based on OS-42142 BPC

The Example

A art class provider had a studio on site that could be hired by local artist and used on an adhoc basis. The artist would go to the studio as needed and pay the college a flat, fortnightly ‘subscription’.

The best way to manage this in onCourse is a manual invoice with a payment plan. This is because there is not need for scheduling, the ‘subsription’ does not need a schdeuled, so the provider is looking for tracking and managing payments. More info on invoices and payment plans is in our manual here: 

The best practive is for hte invoice to be set up with a timeframe in mind, i.e. 12 months, and for that time frame tied in with when the provider plans to review the program.

Once the payment plan is set up, you could use the Send payment plan reminder script to send reminders for the fortnightly payments.

The email will include a link so they can make a credit card payment via the onCourse portal. More information on the script is in our manual here:

If student pay by direct deposit, you can get them to use their invoice number as a reference and then use then us the Payment In Import process to update the payments in on onCourse. More on the Payment In import is in our manual here: