Your onCourse online enrolment system will shortly be able to take into account any credit students have when enrolling online. That means that if a student already has credit (for example because their class was cancelled), then that credit will be automatically applied at checkout.

Some important features to note:

  • No password will be required. We decided that the potential for misuse was minimal and you still have a full audit trail to review later. The main avenue for misuse is when Acme Company has $100 credit and a student enrols themselves with Acme Company as a payer. However that company will be immediately sent an invoice with the details, so any nefarious activity will be detected quickly.
  • The student must set the payer to be the student or company with credit. Sometimes students get confused when their friend paid for the original enrolment.
  • We apply payments in this order:
    • Class entitlement style vouchers
    • Dollar value vouchers
    • Credit
    • Payment plan ‘pay now’ value

    This means that a class for $1000 with only $100 ‘pay now’ deposit payment plan, will still have a $300 credit applied to the checkout.

If you really don’t want this feature applied to your site, we have a mechanism to disable it entirely for your site. However please consider the time saving and convenience for students to be able to rebook that cancelled class all by themselves. Give it a try for a while and see how it works for you.

A lot of work has been put into verifying the checkout changed layouts work well across many customer sites. The change is only visible on the final payment page, and only if there is a credit to apply.

We plan on deploying this feature on Monday 29 July.