I’m nearly at the end of my Bachelor of Business (Information Systems), and one of the interesting things for me has been a greater focus on to visaul langage in my assessment.

Infographcis, online presentations, videos and other multipmedia content are all required parts and the weighted as up to a third of the marks. It got me think about how social media has increased our use of visal langage, and greater use of video, images and infographics is business communication.

Canva is a great tool

I used Canva when creating the test Course desciption and image for the easlier articles How to Write a Course desciprtion and Finding Affordables Images.

I tested a few differnet SaaS products before I was receommended Canva. It’s user friendly, online design tool that helped me quite a bit.

Canva has a stock of free images and template that will give you a lot of options to pick from without needing to make payments.

There are also paid content if you want something specific. There is a greate range of template formated for a number of platforms in a useful range of preset sizes. You can adapt these to help whip up a social media image, Hero Image or thumbnial for your course descriptions or a social media post.

This is a great option if you have little budget for marketing, or as wanting to test out a course will a relativley low investment.

Reducing images sizes is also easier

In Finding Affordable images, I located a great image for the course, but at 2MB, it was quite large to use as a hero image in the description. I used the preset tempaltes on Canva, chose the size I wanted, and looked for a template that resembeled what I wanted.

Original Image

I found a tempalte very similar to what I was going for, and it was then easy to upload the image and add some text.

Original Template

The end result gave polished effect for very little effort, and only took about 5 minutes.

Final Design

You could use the same template for courses in similar areas, with differnt images, o create a a consistent visual language in a relatively quick and easy way.

I spoke recommended it to a client after a discussion about the time it took to create social media posts. They’re an Art School that has an excellent Social Media presence. They said it was much easier than fiddling about in photoshop.