If you are an RTO you will have received emails from the USI agency about the end of the Auskey and the impacts on your USI integrations. For the most part, just ignore them. The USI agency is needlessly causing anxiety when there is really nothing for you to do yet. They are working in conjuction with the ATO on the replacement to the Auskey, and the project is two years behind schedule.

On 31 March 2020, the ATO have said they are cutting off access using Auskey. Which is all well and good except that they aren’t likely to have a replacement system ready for us to test against until late January 2020. That’s right, despite urgent emails from the USI agency, they aren’t even likely to get their system ready for testing until next year. They then expect us to migrate all our systems, onboard all our customers and deploy updates ready for their cutoff.

Our hunch is that the ATO will delay the cutoff of Auskey until the end of 2020. We haven’t even received a project plan from the USI agency without “DRAFT” is large type all over it. We have nothing to test against or even confirmation that we’ll have a test environment to test against.

In the meantime, there is just one thing you can do to actually prepare. Get your business registered with MyGovID and RAMS. This is confusingly nothing at all to do with MyGov. Or sheep.

  1. https://www.mygovid.gov.au/how-do-i-get-set-up
  2. https://info.authorisationmanager.gov.au/how-do-i-get-set-up

Do those two things to create an identity for the principal of your organisation and then link that to the business ABN. You’ll want to do this even if you aren’t an RTO since it allows you to control access to the ATO portal for BAS submissions, maternity leave with Centrelink and much more. Early next year we’ll let you know about the next steps around USI access.