We’ve been making great progress on the new checkout and are putting it through the last stages of testing. We’ve made it just as powerful as before, but some steps are a little more foolproof and sequential. In order to get it into your hands more quickly, the first release will be missing the following:

  • ability to redeem vouchers
  • traineeship enrolments

We will get those completed soon.

There are also some features we’ve retired in order to make the checkout experience simpler:

  • private classes. We don’t think anyone is using this, but if you are please let us know.
  • custom invoice lines. Previously you could add anything you wanted to an invoice, but this meant that customer service staff needed to know about GL account codes, GST and other finance things. Instead, just create some products for “Phone booking fee”, “Transfer fee”, etc
  • printing to PDF. If you really need to, you can still open the invoice and print it after you complete checkout.
  • changing product pricing without using discounts. We want you to have more control over the discounts you make available to customer service staff rather than them being able to edit pricing without restriction. Again, you get to control where those discount post to the general ledger.

While you are waiting for the release of the new checkout, please take a look at a series of videos we made demonstrating the new user interface. We’d love to hear your comments.