An old favourite returns. You might have noticed over the last few updates that we’ve progressively been rolling out a new look for onCourse. We’re pretty happy with how things have been going so far, though there were a few features that, for one reason or another, had to be decommissioned to keep moving forward. One of those features was the timetable within sites & rooms, which mean’t people lost the ability to track scheduling clashes for room hire for example.

We were always intending on replacing that one with something better. So happiliy in onCourse 9.12, we’re introducing a new timetable for sites & rooms which will again make it possible to track the availability at a glance.

As of right now the timetable is most useful for viewing daily room schedules, or finding gaps in your schedules over the coming days. But we have plans to expand this view even more in future updates. Eventually we want you to be able to view a bespoke timetable for any student, tutor or class. You’ll also be able to see a preview calendar when duplicating classes, to give you a better idea of when your new classes will be running.

Timetable Duplication

We’ll also eventually be adding a search function, the same as throughout the rest of the application, so you’ll be able to create and customise your own filters then save them for later use. For example, look at the timetable for all your language courses in one view.

A new view

Here’s a quick look at the new timetable.

Timetable View

As well as the mini-calendar and three time-of-day filters (morning, afternoon & evening), the new timetable has three view modes to help you lay everything out in a way you want to see; Compact, Gap (Days) and Gap (Hours).

Compact is good for viewing the booked sessions ahead at a glance. It doesn’t show you any gaps, but can give you a complete breakdown of your classes in a list view. Gap views do the opposite, showing you not only your currently booked sessions, but also any gaps you have in the highlighted day. You can break this view down between Days and Hours, giving you some flexibility in how you want to view the data.

Got any feedback on what features you want to see added to the timetable in the future? Get in touch with us!