Early this year we moved our development process to a two week cycle. Borrowing from agile development concepts, we break up our work into smaller tasks that all fit into a fortnight. So at any time we are planned for the next milestone, developing the current one, and testing the one last closed.

This has worked exceptionally well for us, with an incredible number of new features developed this year. And because we deploy (usually) every second milestone to our cloud customers, we get feedback from our users really quickly and incorporate that into our current work. This has meant that rather than trying to tackle huge features all in one go and trying to get it perfect, we can work on it incrementally, get feedback and then improve the next steps.

However our users who are self-hosting don’t typically want to deploy lots of releases. Their IT departments only want to hear from us once or twice a year. And that brings us to 8.0… our first big release for self-hosted customers since we moved to our agile planning.

Read all about the masses of new features here: https://www.ish.com.au/oncourse/download/release-notes/release-notes-80

We are very excited by what we’ve done. And we can’t wait to show you what we are working on right now for the next big release!