The following updates to the website checkout were deployed to all onCourse websites today.

These improvements were the result of customer feedback, in particular from customers who use payment plans with $0 upfront payments and those who deliver classes with age restrictions.

Improvements made

OD-11599 When no money is required, hide payment details

What this means for users: When the enrolment process doesn’t require a payment, then the button changes from “Proceed to Payment” to “Proceed” and the label of the tab “Payment” becomes “Confirmation”. It is still important users go to this final step as this is where they agree to your terms and conditions of online sales.

OD-11281 Pay later allows the user to choose ‘invoice to’

What this means for users: Previously, if a student was enrolling in a class that had a fee, but no upfront payment required as per the payment plan settings, they weren’t given the option to invoice a 3rd party for their enrolment. They can now nominate an alternate payer, like their employer, to receive the invoice.

OD-11222 Delete student icon

What this means for users: Previously, if a user was added to the checkout process they couldn’t be easily removed (although all their items could be unticked). Now a delete option is available when you hover over the user and click the X.

OD-11733 Proceed button shouldn’t display if enrolment products are invalid

What this means for users: In the checkout process if a validation message prevented the student for enrolling i.e. they were too old for the class, then the ‘proceed to payment’ option was still visible and active. The button is now hidden when there are no valid items in the checkout. We have also improved the display and persistence of the validation messages to better guide students through any issues they need to correct to complete their enrolment process.

Defects resolved

OD-11885 Fix condition where valid enrollable classes show as ‘Finished’ on the website, instead of ‘Enrol now’ if the onCourse credit card gateway was not enabled

What this means for users: If you wish to enable an onCourse website without linking to the onCourse credit card payment gateway, and only accept enrolments by application, payment post enrolment or payment via vouchers, 100% discounts or corporatePass, you can now do so. This change will not affect most exisiting onCourse customers.

OD-11770 Enrolment issue - corporate pass required on $0 enrolment

What this means for users: This fix relates to the issue described above where $0 enrolments now have a different behaviour in the enrolment engine. $0 enrolments neither show the fields, nor require the application of a corporatePass during the checkout process.