Design Mock Up

Our new web-based proposals give you access to an online design tool called inVision. We will create a new project in this tool when we start the discovery of a project with visual elements, such as reports, website changes or design based projects.

inVision will allow ish to ask a specific question about the design ‘against’ the design elements. You can reply in the same comments. This will allow for quick, visually based design instructions to be exchanged. It will also record each change.

This will help to create the project scope and draft proposal. The proposal will also refer back to the inVision prototype as the design mock-up.


You may need to click on the comments in the bottom right-hand corner. inVision Comments

If that doesn’t work, there should be a menu on the top left-hand corner like this inVision Comments

Clicking on it will open a log of comments.

You can change it to all comments by clicking on it and selecting the ‘all types’ or ‘tour points’

inVision Comments