We continue to work hard at keeping onCourse as the best enrolment experience of any system, anywhere in the world. We have recently revamped the look of the enrolment process to make it clearer to students that they are in a secure checkout and to show them progress as they go through the (three) screens.

The big feature here is CorporatePass. You will be able to start using this feature with the release of onCourse 4.1 (coming soon) to provide your corporate customers a way to enrol students online without upfront payment. An invoice is sent to a company contact as each student enrols.

Also in this update:

  • Better handling of users ticking and unticking classes repeatedly
  • New progress indicator across the top of the enrolment area to give student a better idea of their progress. They can also use this to navigate from the payment page back to the summary page.
  • CorporatePass implementation, ready for the release of onCourse 4.1 with this feature
  • Removal of the question asking the student for the card type. We can already determine whether it is a mastercard, visa or amex from the number itself. Fewer questions means fewer errors and less abandoned payments.
  • Simplified the questions in the waiting list pages to make them more generic.
  • Update some of the AVETMISS questions to the latest recommended wording.
  • Validation to prevent students telling us that they left school more than 100 years ago.
  • Students who failed to answer the gender question for waiting lists would be marked as female. This is now fixed.
  • Certain sequence of (fairly rare) actions would cause a concession not be added when it should