Recent upgrades to the onCourse web products have made the following features available to all users:

Auto disable online enrolments with your choice of relative date

A new option has been added to the CMS to allow your college to determine when enrolments close and when classes are automatically removed from display the public website. By default, onCourse has always displayed a class on the web until it’s end date has passed, allowing online enrolments (with a warning) after it has commenced. This new setting is available on the website tab of the CMS and has two settings. The defaults are:

Hide class on website:
[ 0 ] days [ before class ends ]
Stop web enrolments:
[ 0 ] days [ before class ends ]

However you can make your own choices such as

Hide class on website:
[ 7 ] days [ after class starts ]
Stop web enrolments:
[ 1 ] days [ before class starts ]

A class that has enrolments stopped before it is removed from the website will show ‘class full’ in place of ‘enrol now’.

Addition of thumbnail images to course description listings

A standard layout for the inclusion of thumbnail images is available. You’ll need to make changes to your onCourse web templates to achieve this, which may require assistance from your web designer or developer. Full instructions are in the web handbook Images and Attachments

Add custom drop down fields to the online enrolment process

Many customers wish to collect additional information during the online enrolment process, which can be done with the creation of custom fields inside onCourse, that are then enabled in the CMS. Up until now, these fields have only allowed for the collection of text based responses.

A new feature has been added to allow a set of drop down option selections to be defined for custom fields. Inside the onCourse custom field, you can set the mandatory response list by separating each item with a semi colon. For example, for the field ‘How did you hear about us?’ you may define a list like ‘Web search; Printed brochure; Radio advert; Word of mouth; *’

Including a * character in your list will create an option called other, that will allow your web users to enter their own value, if their choice is not supplied in the list.

You must be running onCourse 7.8 as a minimum to enable this feature.

Minor improvements

  • Restful publish process to allow you to send an automated command to publish your onCourse site using the URL <pre>https://{site}/cms/api/publish</pre>
  • Add new information collected during enrolment in the special needs field to any existing data collected, rather than replacing any existing data.A short date format will be added when this data is collected, so the student’s special needs may show something like: 7/1/14 - Vegetarian 8/1/15 - I have a broken foot and need a chair to keep it elevated.
  • Citizenship has been added to the portal collection questions for funded training collections and assessing VET FEE HELP eligibility.
  • Invoices in the portal show the College name (business trading name), rather than the RTO name
  • Portal summary page shows results of completed and in progress classes
  • Show classes on the sites page only shows classes at that site, rather than classes near the site
  • Use the default URL for each page in the automatically generated sitemap.xml, rather than the page number
  • Line breaks automatically added to email submission web form responses to improve readability
  • Truncate web descriptions at the end of the word to improve Google algorithm quality metrics about spelling errors
  • Improvement to the TML formatting of class fees so the values can be read by the new Google structured data format for money values