The onCourse web applications undertake a continuous improvement and development cycle, just like the onCourse application you run in your office.

A major focus for our development for the last half of 2015, and into 2016 is our skillsOnCourse portal, which you probably know as your tutor, student, employer or agent portals. Some of these improvements are now in production, and more will be rolling out shortly. Watch this space!

Different businesses use these portals in different ways, and if there are features or functions you’d like to see added to make this part of the application more useful for you, don’t be shy about asking. Comments to this forum post are welcome, or lodge your request directly via your normal support channels.

Applications visible in the portal

Students who have applied for a course (rather than enrolled) can see the status of their application in the portal, and where their application has been approved, either proceed to enrolment and payment or reject the offer.

Display of enrolment and custom fields in the portal

In concert with changes to the enrolment application, users can now select to hide any and all all fields during enrolment, to make the purchase process as simple as possible. This data can then be collected as part of a post-enrolment process, via the skillsOnCourse portal. It is important if you wish to implement this process, that you customise your enrolment confirmations to send a link to the portal to request this additional information.

AVETMISS questions, even when not displayed in the enrolment process, will also be available for the student to complete inside the portal.

Resources and documents

Public attachments (normally used as part of website marketing) no longer display in the portal. Only attachments flagged as ‘tutor’ or ‘tutor and enrolled student’ are accessible in the resources list.

Documents not attached to a course, class or enrolment record, but also marked as ‘tutor’ or ‘tutor and enrolled student’ display in the top of the resources list. This may be of use for distributing student and tutor handbooks or generic forms like assessment cover sheets.

Other portal improvements

  • Clearer wording of messages and warnings in the portal
  • Fix to the display image for students with no contact or gravatar image
  • More space and better font choices for course names, so longer names aren’t truncated
  • Improved wording for accredited courses without links to qualifications
  • Class survey function also displays on the results page, as well as the class page, making it easier for students to find

Search improvements

Day of the week searches

You can now add a day of the week string to a search query using the syntax ?day=mon

Faceted search combined tags

Tag count results for all search options selected in that same tag tree family assume an OR search, and results selected from different tag tree families assume an AND search

Other web application fixes

  • Fix to 3rd party payments on the web to send invoice and receipt to the correct contact (payer, not student)
  • Allow web enrolment to proceed directly to payment when all 2nd step contact fields are hidden
  • Improvements to phrase based search string results on the web
  • Improvements to search results when using multiple location based filters
  • Improvement to search results to hide suburbs matching a ‘starts with’ string. Suburbs only appear in the search result when a full string match is found.