Trouble Shooting once the contact import starts

When you import contact using a CSV updload, you may run into an issue with the data on one of the lines

If that happens, the lines prior will be imported, but not the line with the error or following lines. Sometimes the data in one of the field causes the failure, like a random comma, or it may be because the import thinks it’s a duplicate record. 

  1. To find the line where the error occurred, go to the onCourse app > contacts > and sort the list by the contact’s last name to find the last contact added.
  2. This contact will be the line before the one with the issue. i.e. Joe Bloggs is in the on the onCourse contact list, so he’s the last contact imported. The line after Joe Blogs in the CSV is the one with an issue. There are a few contacts added already so you may need to match it up a bit.
  3. You will need to correct the issues in the line (or enter them manually if that’s easier!)
  4. in the contact CSV, remove the line prior to the issue so they don’t create a duplicate or fail the batch (I’m not sure which one will happen, I think it might fail the batch, if not, it will make to records)
  5. start the import again using the updated CSV.