Hello onCourse users. We’re bringing back our onCourse webinars in a new, weekly format. Our first will cover how to get the integration we’ve built for the Zoom platform up and running. Make sure your students get their login by email seconds after enrolling, even in the middle of the night. We’ll run more webinars weekly around the same time and we’ll cover a different topic each week.

The topics will vary, so keep an eye out for any you might be interested in. Additionally, if you have any webinar subjects you’d like us to tackle, let us know by emailing support@ish.com.au.

This webinar will talk you through the process we’ve used to set up others so you too can set up automated emails to students on enrolment into designated online classes, containing the Zoom Meeting URL information and making logging on to class a breeze.

The webinar will be held using Google Meets, and will be accessible via a URL to be emailed to those who register their interest. Simply register your interest via this Google Form and we’ll mail you a link to the webinar the morning it’s on.