Have you recently received an email from Training Market Customer Support requesting you provide your NAT00060 file with your lodgement data in a spreadsheet?

If so, this post will show you how to convert your onCourse exported NAT00060 file into the data they are looking for.

The template spreadsheet provided by Training Market shows three columns labelled:

  1. Module
  2. Description
  3. Accredited (Y/N)

Unfortunately the template doesn’t include any actual examples of what data belongs in each field, so after further clarification from the ACEDesk, what they really mean is:

  1. Module: The subject identifier from NAT00060 (data from position 2 to 14)
  2. Description: The subject name from NAT00060 (data from position 14 to 114)
  3. Accredited (Y/N): The subject flag from NAT00060 (data in position 1)

How to convert your NAT00060 file into this spreadsheet

  1. Open excel and choose import > Text file
  2. Locate your NAT00060 file
  3. In the import wizard, add a column break at position 2, 14 and 114.
  4. In the file you have created, you should have three columns representing the a) Accredited (Y/N) b) Module c) Description
  5. Delete anything else imported after the ‘description’
  6. Sort your spreadsheet by the ‘module’ column that contains the Subject Identifier data.
  7. For all the modules where the code begins with ‘ISH’ change the data in the first column to an ’N’ (these are your non-accredited courses from onCourse)
  8. For all the modules where the code begins with ‘CSO’, ‘TSS’, or ’TSB’ change the data in the first column to an ’N’ (these are the special CSO or Tech Savvy modules that have been added to onCourse for community colleges)
  9. For all other modules, that are actually Units of Competency from a Training Package, or modules from an Accredited Course, change the code to ‘Y’.
  10. Add the column headers and send the file back to AceDesk.