Clarification was received yesterday via an email from STS AceDesk on the lodgement process Community Colleges are expected to follow for the submission of their 2017 AVETMISS data by 31 January 2018.

In summary - The Department will submit the full data set to NCVER. You are not required to submit your fee for service activity separately to NCVER as previously advised.

Following those guidelines, below is an onCourse specific guide to exporting your data to meet these requirements:

Step 1. Go to File > Import/Export > Export AVETMISS > AVETMISS 7

AVETMISS 7 is the right format for lodging your 2017 data. AVETMISS 8 is for 2018 data. If you choose the wrong format here, your first clue is that AVS will give you file record length errors.

Step 2. The new AVETMISS runner window will open. If you’ve not reviewed the updated user documentation for the new AVETMISS runner, now would be a good time to take a look at the AVETMISS user documentation

  • Select the location where you want the files to be exported to
  • Select the flavour Oliv (Community Colleges)
  • Check all the checkboxes Don’t worry about what they say regarding funded/fee for service training/states. ALL of them need to be checked because you’ve not set up funding contracts yet. If you deliver CSO and/or Tech Savvy programs, you must also check Non-VET or they data you need to report will be excluded from the report.
  • In date range, choose 2017 year

Step 3. Wait patiently. The AVETMISS pre-checks are now running to determine how many outcomes you have that are missing their final status ect. You will see a spinning wheel in the runner while these pre-checks run, and the export button will be greyed out. Depending on the amount of data, and the quality of your internet connection, these checks could take up to fifteen minutes.

You might see a count of xx VET outcomes need a status and an open record icon to open the list of outcomes. It is a good idea to review these outcomes. These outcomes ended in 2017 and have not yet been set.

They may include TNC Smart & Skilled Students where ‘not set’ is the expected outcome, in which case, you can either ignore this or choose to set the ‘Did not start’ outcome status.

Because you are running an end of year report, using the new override to move the end date in the export to +7 days from now is not recommended, as all outcomes due to finish in 2017 should have a result. However, if you review this list of outcomes and see they are all ongoing students in traineeships or full quals, for example, you may choose to tick this box.

This will change the end date for the student in the exported AVETMISS files only - it will not change the end date set for the outcome in onCourse.

Step 4. Take a screenshot of the AVETMISS export runner before you press export. If you need to lodge a support task regarding your errors later, we need to see the choices you made here, before running the export.

Step 5. Export your data

Step 6. Log into the NCVER AVS Portal and validate your data. Choose the Year 2017 and Period Jan-Dec. You will note this shows that data is expected in AVETMISS 7 format.

Step 7. Once your data is error free, export the summary file from AVS, and email it along with your AVETMISS files to ACE Desk

If you need any assistance with correcting any errors you find in the validation process, please log a support task using the squish portal and be sure to include:

  • The screenshot you tool in Step 4 above
  • The AVETMISS files you exported in a zipped folder
  • The AVS error reports as CSV files showing the full details of the errors and the records