The 9.4 upgrade has included some significant improvements to the AVETMISS reporting process, but if you are just returning from Christmas and missed the release notes, this post is a cheat sheet so you can lodge your next set of Smart & Skilled data using the new tools.

The AVETMISS export runner looks different! Halp!

Well spotted :) But this is a good thing because it includes new tools to pre-count and pre-check your outcomes before you export and lodge them

  1. You probably have a series of classes or enrolments that you highlight and click on the cogwheel option to export AVETMISS data. Keep doing this, but make sure you choose AVETMISS 8

  2. This is where you are going to see the new export runner. First choice is your export location (like your desktop, for example). Second option is the flavour. You need to choose STSOnline (NSW)

  3. The next option is ‘select enrolments from’. This is the part of the function tied to the new Funding Contract feature in 9.4, but you won’t have set this up yet. By default, all enrolments are set as ‘Fee for service (non-VET)’ until you set up and start using funding contracts. This is ok (even though they are funded). There will be another blog post soon on how to set this up for Smart & Skilled RTOs. Make sure Fee for service VET (non-funded) is ticked. All the state options below can stay ticked. Right now, this choice doesn’t matter as you are exporting the enrolments you highlighted in step 1.

  4. Once you have made these choices you’ll see a spinning wheel as the AVETMISS runner runs its validation pre-checks. The pre-validation checks include:
    • A count of the total number of outcomes to be exported
    • May include a count of completed VET outcomes that need a final status (and the option to override their end date to seven days into the future)
    • How many completed non-vet outcomes have no status and will be reported automatically as 81
    • How many in progress VET outcomes will be reported as continuing enrolment (70)
    • For each of these checks, there is a find related icon so you can open the list of outcomes to see the records and if needed, make changes before running the export.
    • There is more information and screenshots of this process in the onCourse User Docs.
  5. The last option is a date range selection. If you are running the export from enrolment or class cogwheel option, it will display custom date range, but with the fields empty. Leave the date fields empty. This is only needed for total vet activity reporting, not Smart & Skilled where you do continual reporting.

Entering a date in here will affect the pre-checks. e.g. if you put an end date of 31/12/2018 (which is in the future) the pre-checks are going to assume all the outcomes with end dates before that date should have a final status.

You are now ready to click export.

Any problems with this process, please log a support task via the Squish Portal with your export files, a screenshot showing the options you choose in the AVETMISS export runner and any validation errors you have from AVS or STS.