Some new search options have been added to the Enrolments list view to make searching for, and selecting, the students you wish to report for government funded AVETMISS training simpler.

Where do I enter a Commitment ID?

When a NSW Smart & Skilled student is approved for study, a Commitment ID is issued. This Commitment ID should be recorded in the enrolment record for the enrolment(s) that make up their complete qualification of study. For some providers, this may be a single enrolment with all the outcomes attached, while for other providers, clustered or single units of study enrolments may require the Commitment ID to be entered in multiple enrolment records.

The field on the enrolment general tab labelled “Purchasing Contract Identifier (NSW Commitment ID)” is where this data should be recorded.

Where do I enter the CSO funding information?

For NSW CSO funded enrolments, the code CSD or CSR (depending on the subcategory of funding) should be entered in the enrolment general tab field labelled ‘Funding source - State’.

How can I find funded enrolments?

In the enrolment list view advanced search options, select from the drop down ‘NSW commitment ID’ is not blank, to locate all enrolments with associated Smart and Skilled Commitment IDs.

You can search for all CSO funded enrolments by going to the enrolment list view advanced search options, selecting from the drop down ‘Funding Source - State’ begins with ‘CS’

Once you have located your group of CSO or Smart & Skilled funded enrolments, highlight them in the list and from the cogwheel choose the AVETMISS 7 export and proceed as usual.

How can I check my funded data before lodgement?

If you wish to do any data checking on your records before running the export, I recommend running the extended outcomes CSV export on the associated classes.

To do this, highlight the enrolments chosen above in the list, and from the ‘Find Related’ icon, select the option ‘classes’. This will open a list of all the related classes in a new list.

With the new class list open, highlight all the records and from the export icon, choose the export option ‘Extended Outcomes CSV’.

This CSV export has been modelled on the NAT00120 file output, but in a human readable CSV format you can open in Excel. This file can help you count and confirm the funded data has been correctly set up prior to lodging to NCVERs AVS tool.