Our recent onCourse 4.1 release has allowed us to offer a cloud hosting solution. Prices start at free for a single concurrent user.

This isn’t an awkward Terminal Services thing you have to log into Windows remote desktop (often problematic for printing or from Macs, and even a bit strange in Windows). And this isn’t a cut down web user interface which restricts you to one open window and the limitations of web applications.

The full onCourse application is available in all its glory, but launched from inside your browser. No onCourse software to install on your computer at all, and upgrades happen completely automatically when we upgrade the server.

The advantages of cloud hosted onCourse:

  • onCourse experts maintain your server and tune it for best performance
  • we maintain a clustered database for your data, meaning that even in case of our database server catching fire your data is synchronised to a second server in near real time. In addition, we take nightly offsite backups.
  • we will perform all upgrades, scripted to run at 2am. Naturally we notify in you advance so that you can postpone an upgrade until a suitable date for your team.
  • Accessible from anywhere on the internet without special VPN connections (our onCourse connections are all secured with SSL encryption).
  • Great solution for less technical people or where you don’t have IT support available all the time

You will always be able to download onCourse just like you have always done. And the advantages of that are:

  • complete control over your own data in your own database
  • good for integration with other reporting or business intelligence tools that need direct access to the database locally
  • excellent when you have a large team of people working in one location and you don’t want to be caught out by a loss of internet connection

So, now you have more choice. Call us if you’d like to discuss whether the cloud offering is right for you.