All onCourse websites create unique URLs for each course and class you deliver. In onCourse 6.0 we made some changes to the when and how these URLs are available on your website.

Some background information

Your onCourse website URLs are automatically generated, based on the course and class codes you create and will look something like: where the last string in the URL is your course code.

The classes for that course will have URLs that look like: where the word ‘course’ is now ‘class’ and the final string in the URL is the course-class code.

You can compare the pages shown in the links above to see how the content differs between the course and class pages.

Course pages show the course description from onCourse plus the details of all the available classes. These are usually the pages students visit prior to enrolling.

The class page shows the course description plus class specific information like the venue directions and location map, plus the class timetable and session specific details. This page is usually visited by students after enrolling.

For customers who use the onCourse web platform for online enrolments, an automatic enrolment confirmation is sent to all students which includes a link directly to the class page URL.

What’s changed?

Previously, when you unpublished a course or class from the website to prevent further enrolment, the URL’s sent in the enrolment confirmation would return a 404- page not found error if the student clicked on it.

We now have two new status combinations that will keep the URL active, but hide the class from search list results and disable the ‘enrol now’ button.

For example, if you want to prevent online enrolments after the class commences, so change the class status from “Enrolment allowed and visible online” to “Enrolment allowed” or use the class list cogwheel to ‘Remove the class from the website’, you will still have a valid URL.

An example is

Unlike the class URL listed is the previous section, this class has no ‘Enrol now’ button available, and you will not see this class listed on the course page above either.

Similarly, if you choose to unpublish the course from the website, the direct course URL will return a 404-page not found error, and the course won’t be found by search or in any any list views, but the direct class URL will still return results

e.g. Course URL - or try searching the website for the course ‘Advanced Driving’ and the course will not be found.

However the class URL returns the class page, but with no enrol now button

Want to know more?

A full explanation of the course and class display results is outlined in the onCourse User Documentation Chapter “Creating Classes”. Scroll down to the section ‘Publishing Classes Online’ where a table will show you all the combination variations on course and class status options, and give you examples of how and when you might want to use them.