From onCourse 8.7, a new class discount override feature and negative discount feature makes managing the variable Smart and Skilled student fees much simpler.

Under Smart and Skilled, you may have five or more price points for an enrolling student. The fee they are charged depends on their meeting various eligibility criteria.

onCourse provides a range of tools for setting up the various fees using discount strategies, and then ensuring all students are automatically charged the right fee based on their eligibility.

In onCourse, we recommend you set the most common fee type as the class fee for all your Smart and Skilled classes. You can then create various types of discounts that either increase or decrease this fee to reflect the other student fee rates that may apply.

In this example, we assume most students enrolling at the college are eligible for the ‘First Qualification’ pricing, so the college will set these fees as the standard class fee for each class in the budget tab. This will be the fee that applies to students enrolling by default, unless another fee type is selected.

In this example, the college offers three Smart and Skilled courses with the following prices:

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care Full Fee: $6540 First Qual: $1590 Second Qual: $1910 Traineeship: $1000 Concession: $240

Certificate III in Community Services Full Fee: $5340 First Qual: $1440 Second Qual: $1730 Traineeship: $1000 Concession: $240

Certificate III in Permaculture Full Fee: $6080 First Qual: $870 Second Qual: $1040 Concession: $160

Steps to creating the discounts

To begin, create a range of Concession types in your onCourse preferences for each of the other student fee types. Call them something like ‘S&S full fee’, ‘S&S 1st qual’, ‘S&S 2nd qual’, ‘S&S trainee’, ‘S&S concession’. These concession types will be added to the student as their eligibility is assessed, and then used to determine their fee type.

Think of each fee that isn’t the First Qual rate as an offset of that value. The Fee Fee and Second Qual rates require negative discounts (or surcharges) while the Traineeship and Concession fees require discounts. Each type of price will require it’s own discount strategy. This will allow you to report, for each class, on how many students enrolled at each price point using the standard discount reports.

A discount type called S&S Full Fee could be created that applies to all smart and skilled classes with a discount dollar value of -$3900, and that applies to students with the concession type S&S full fee on their record. This amount will make the Full Fee price for Certificate III in Community Services correct, but the other two classes will need the fee further increased.

After saving the discount type, open the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care class, double click on the S&S Full fee discount in the budget tab, and override the -$3900 fee to -$4950 to bring the total to $6540. Similarly, the S&S Full Fee for Certificate III in Permaculture discount would be overriden to -$5210.

Repeat these steps for each of the discount types for S&S Second Qual, S&S Traineeships and S&S Concession fees.

For the Full Fee to apply during the enrolment process, the student will need to have the concession type ‘S&S full fee’ attached to their contact record. This will then automatically select the right price for the class they are enrolling into.

Clear as mud? Any questions, feel free to ask below