Over the last few days we’ve been chasing our tails around with discrepancies between the reference data from NCVER and training.gov.au (the new NTIS). In particular Modules, Units of Competency, Accredited Courses and Qualifications don’t match between the two. We have found different Field of Education values and different qualification names which throw out validation software.

For example, ICAU1204B is called ‘ Locate and use relevant online information’ or ‘ Locate and use relevant on-line information’ depending on where you look. And that one little hyphen causes some data collection agencies to reject the submission.

Because the AVETMISS standard says that we should use the official data from NTIS/TGA (training.gov.au), that’s what we do in onCourse. And we recently spent two developer weeks of effort tying in onCourse to automatically pull new data from their service. But the validation software is written by NCVER and they have their own data which is different in important ways. This leaves us, colleges and the data collection bodies is a difficult place until they sort out their mess. Naturally it is the people at the end of the food chain (that would be you and us) who get stuck with the work to make sense of it all. Please let us know when you get discrepancies and we’ll do our best to hack our reference data by hand to pass validation. In the meantime we’ve stopped our automatic updates from TGA which seemed like such a nice idea only a few months ago.