New AVETMISS reporting requirements are being grappled with by many of our NSW customers right now, so I thought I’d put together a quick cheat sheet to answer some common questions.

Please note, you must be running at least onCourse 7.1 to have access to these reporting options.

Where do I record the Commitment ID for Smart & Skilled?

After the student has enrolled, you can open their enrolment record to add additional information needed for reporting, like the Commitment ID. The label you are looking for is called ‘Purchasing contract identifier (NSW Commitment ID)’.

This data is reported in the NAT000120 at position 114 for every outcome attached to the enrolment. In the AVETMISS standard, this field is called “Purchasing contract identifier”.

For Smart & Skilled, I need to report blank outcomes if they haven’t commenced, and 90 if they are in progress. How?

Never fear, onCourse will do this for you automatically if your AVETMISS export flavour is ‘NSW Smart & Skilled’. We compare the outcome start date to the date when you run the export. If the date is in the future, then it is exported as two blank spaces.

For any sort of ‘in progress’ AVETMISS report (basically any Smart & Skilled report you run) you should always choose the option in the export runner to export ‘90’ for outcomes which are not set. This is a much quicker way to ensure all in progress outcomes are reported with the right value than you setting them manually in the database.

How is the new OLiV export different to the old one</b>

The AVETMISS standard export, which we previously advised you to use to report to OLiV, ended at the AVETMISS national record length. This means the ‘below the line’ fields in the NAT00120 were not included. Now that CSO reporting requires the information in these fields, we have added a specific type of export called NSW OLiV to include this data.

Where do I record the Funding Course Code for CSO?

This information is reported in the NAT00120 field called ‘Funding Source- State Training Authority’ at position 106. Where you enter this data in onCourse depends on how you have grouped your CSO enrolments.

If all the students in a single class are funded under the same code, then you can enter this data on the class VET tab in the field called ‘Funding Source - state’. This will then export for all the outcomes for all the students enrolled in the class.

If only some of the enrolments in a class are funded under this program, then you can enter this data on the enrolment general tab, in the field called ‘Funding Source - state’. This will then export for all the outcomes attached to the enrolment.

You don’t need to put this code in both the class AND the student enrolment.

Not sure which code to report?

ACE CSO Program – Disadvantaged Students: CSD ACE CSO Program – Regional or Remote Students: CSR

Do I need to report ‘90’ for the outcomes in progress to OLiV?

Yes. Make sure you always choose this option in the export runner when you are doing any type of mid year in progress export to OLiV, NCVER or Smart & Skilled. It is only for previous year reports that you won’t use this option.

The dates you choose in your export are very important for setting the default values.

If you export with the date ranges 1/1/2015 to 31/12/2015, all outcomes which start after 1/1/2015 and finish before 31/12/15 will be exported with a 90, if this is the override value you choose. All outcomes which end after 31/12/15 will be exported with a 70, no matter what override you choose as they finish outside the reporting period.

If you export with the date range 1/1/2015 to 31/4/2015, you will report 90 for outcomes that finish before 31/4/2015 and 70 for all outcomes that finish any time after that. This will probably report as an error in your lodgement.

Why doesn’t onCourse export the Collection Processing Summary Report I need for Smart & Skilled?

Not us, sorry. You need to get this file from NCVER by lodging and validating the data you export from onCourse. This process is outlined in the NSW Training Reporting Specifications, but in summary

  1. Run your onCourse export as usual
  2. Log in to theNCVER AVS portal and upload the files you exported from onCourse
  3. Run the NCVER validation process, and save the CollectionProcessingSummaryReport.csv to your computer
  4. You will need to make sure the name of the CSV file is exactly CollectionProcessingSummaryReport.csv. It will contain your RTO name by default.
  5. Log in to <a href=”>STS Online</a> and lodge your AVETMISS data with the Summary Report.

Any other questions not answered here? Ask them in the comments below.