This FAQ follows on from <a href=”>USI FAQ Part 1: The automatic verification process</a>

The focus in this FAQ are the business processes <a href=”>onCourse RTO software</a> can assist you with for finding, collecting and reminding students about their USI obligations.

More information is also available in the <a href=”>Unique Student Identifier (USI) chapter of the user documentation.</a>

Don’t have the onCourse Student Management System and need a real time USI compliant solution? The good people at ish would be happy to help you out. Visit us at or contact us at or on (02) 9550 5001.

How can I find out which students need USIs but don’t have one recorded in onCourse? Using the class window, locate all your VET classes that are running during 2015 and highlight them all. Use the cog wheel to find ‘Enrolled students’ related to the highlighted classes.

In this new window of students, use the advanced find to search for USI status = not set. Once you have this list of students, you can then manually follow them up with phone calls or find their enrolments to send them the USI reminder email.

To send the reminder email, select all the students and use the cogwheel to find related enrolments. When the enrolment window opens, check the filter options ‘current active’ and ‘completed active’ to remove any cancelled or failed enrolments from the list. Then highlight all the enrolments and from the cog wheel choose the option ‘send emails from template’ and select the template called ‘USI reminder email’.

Why isn’t the automatic reminder email sending every week? You need to turn this script on. By default, when you upgraded to onCourse 7.0 you had this script installed, but it was switched off until you choose to enable it. Go to File > Preferences > Scripts and look for the one called ‘send USI reminder’. Double click on it and set it to enabled.

You’ll also want to check the wording of the template it sends by going to File > Preferences > Email Templates and opening ‘USI reminder email’. Change the wording in both the plain body and HTML body if you are going to adjust it. Read the <a href=”>onCourse documentation chapter on Email Templates</a> for more information.

This script will send a reminder every Monday morning at 9am to students who are supposed to have supplied you with a USI, but haven’t yet, up until their class completes. If you want to edit the script do something a bit different, read the <a href=”>onCourse documentation chapter on Scripts.</a>

How do I stop the USI request email going to VET flagged course students, and only to students enrolled in ‘real’ VET courses? Some funding requirements treat VET flagged courses like ‘real’ VET courses (courses with units attached) and need a USI, so our default scripts and templates pick up these students too for the USI request emails. If you don’t need the USI for these VET flagged students, you can edit your onCourse scripts and templates to change who gets this conditional request to people enrolled in courses that have > 0 modules attached.

See the removed and replaced line of script in the github repository

After changing the script, in the enrolment confirmation and USI reminder email template, change the text in plain and HTML body that says

<% if (enrolment.courseClass.course.isVET == true) { %>


<% if (enrolment.courseClass.course.modules.size() > 0) { %>

Students are clicking on the USI link in the email and it’s asking for a user name and password. Why? As part of our password free USI portal, we send the student a URL with a three day time to live. Once those three days are up, they need to log in to the standard portal and create or enter their USI in their profile information. The reason the URL expires is because we didn’t want people being able to send the link to their friends to create a USI, as it’s tied into their own student record. We’re extending this 3 day URL expiry out to 7 days in the next release of onCourse because we’ve discovered students are being a bit slack clicking on the link and completing the process.

Until then, if you resend the enrolment confirmation or USI reminder email to the students, it will give them a new URL with another three days.

Why does the ‘create a USI link’ in onCourse direct me to the student portal instead of the organisation portal? We expected people would use this link to assist a student face to face in creating their USI if they don’t have email access to use the portal themselves. Also, this link doesn’t require an AUSKey to be installed on the computer directly, so can be used by trainers in the classroom, or staff with mobile devices like tablets that can’t have an AUSKey installed.

The student needs to be present to assist you in setting their password recovery questions like their mother’s maiden name.

If you do have access to a computer with an AUSKey installed, and want to create students USI without them present (and bypass those personal recovery questions), then you should use the USI Agency Organisation Portal.

I want to see the USI on the class roll and certificates, why isn’t it printed? The legislation says you can’t. <a href=”>Part 2, Division 5 of the Student Identifiers Bill 2014</a> forbids the USI being used as an identifier for the individual. You still have your onCourse issued student numbers on documents like class rolls and Certifications.

However, we are adding a new version of the class roll to onCourse that will show whether or not a student has supplied their USI, and if it has passed verification. This will allow your classroom trainers to assist in the follow up process for students who have been unable to complete the USI portal on their own.

What else could onCourse being doing to assist you with these business processes? Please comment on this post if you have some suggestions for us