Edit There was a bulletin released by the USI Office at 12.51pm on 20 December 2016 that extended the extension for the USI Exemption to 31/12/2017. See details here https://www.usi.gov.au/training-organisations/training-organisation-requirements/exemptions-reporting-usi

Earlier post From 1 January 2018, all training providers will be required to collect USI details, including the training organisations delivering single day training courses. Any training delivered after 1 January 2017 issuing a VET qualification or VET Statement of Attainment, will be required to collect a USI.

onCourse subscribers have access to the onCourse student portal, which allows the student to find or create their USI and add it to their onCourse records. Once the USI is entered, onCourse will automatically verify the USI.

Providing the student a quick and easy way to locate or create their own USI ensures that no additional administration is required by the training organisation.

onCourse is also able to detect those students who have not provided a USI and will delay printing of their certificates until a USI is provided, to ensure the college meets the requirement to have a USI before issuing the certificate or statement. If you don’t already have an onCourse contract then please contact ish on 02 9550 5001 or email