It’s time for onCourse to come out and play with others, but there are so many potential providers of software in areas where our customers do business that we need some help prioritising our integration schedule.

So what products do you use that you would like to share onCourse data with?

Do you do (or want to do) surveys of your students? There are tools like Survey Monkey and Survey Gizmo that have a large market share, but are they the products you use?

How about Finance? We know our bigger customers tend to have custom finance solutions, but otherwise, is MYOB the product of choice, or are you using other tools like MoneyWorks or QuickBooks?

Is online delivery part of your business model? How are you getting content out to students? Managing your own open source Moodle installation or going commercial with tools like Catapault eLearning for provided content or Articulate for your own created content?

Or maybe there is a whole other subset of tools we haven’t even thought about yet. Go on, tell us who your friends are, we want to come play too.