onCourse in Action

Juan Rando dance Academy focusses on teaching everyone through from beginners to experts how to love dance and enjoy it as part of their everyday life.

The problem

Because the Academy couldn’t afford a full-time staffer to man the front desk, instructors had to perform administrative tasks such as collecting student information and payment — which took time away from teaching and often caused lengthly delays in strt times.

Meanwhile, there was no online enrolment system in place, making it difficult for students to browse course offerings and sign up for classes after hours.

The solution

onCourse was brought into power their website with a new design based on one of our standard templates, which kept implementation costs low. onCourse was also used to drive a membership programme in addition to a range of marketing activities, including gift certificates and gym-membership-style season passes.

The result

Students were able to enrol and pay for courses 24/7, reducing the time instructors had to tend to administrative matters and dramatically improving the sales to purchase cycle.