Feature onCourse VETtrak
SMS functionality
Survey and Feedback integration
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Contact Relationships
Waiting Lists
Corporate Sales
Product Sales
Customised communications
Email Alerts
Mail Merge


Feature onCourse VETtrak
Website CMS
Online Payments
Choice of website templates
Automatic update from student management software


Feature onCourse VETtrak
Tutor portal
Assessment submission/ validation
Cloud Assess Integration
View schedule online
Confirm availability online
Mark attendance online
Mark results online
Access training materials online

Employer portal

Feature onCourse VETtrak
Employer portal
Employers see student schedule
Employers see student outcomes
Online payment system


Feature onCourse VETtrak
Student portal
Assessment submission/ validation


Feature onCourse VETtrak
Memberships can be purchased online
Member discounts for online enrolments
Online membership renewals


Feature onCourse VETtrak
Accounting Integration
Debtors Reporting
MYOB, XERO, QuickBooks integration
Flexi Currency
Gift Vouchers
Payment Plans


Feature onCourse VETtrak
Employee Directory
HR Tools
Staff Payroll
Staff training
Task Management
Bulk Assign
Course Templates
Document Management
Version control
Related Find

RTO Compliance

Feature onCourse VETtrak
Compliance in all states
AVETMISS Compliant
Reporting - general
Reporting - Customise
Reporting - formats XML, csv, pdf, Excel, inDesign and any other format you want  
RTO Management
USI Capable
ASQA 2015 Standards Compliance
Certificate Issuing and Automation
Online Attendance and Outcome Marking
VET Fee-Help


Feature onCourse VETtrak
Max Class sizes


Feature onCourse VETtrak
Automatic email confirmations and invoices on enrolment
Automated payment reminder for outstanding payment
Automatically add new enrolments to existing surveys
Vouchers created and sent electronically
Automated Reminders of class details to students
Automated Membership renewal notices


Feature onCourse VETtrak
Free Version
[Unlimited users]

Hosting Options

Feature onCourse VETtrak
Cloud Hosting
Local Hosting OSX, Windows, Linux, BSD Windows


Feature onCourse VETtrak
Phone/ Online Support
Support from business analysts
Funding and AVETMISS Lodgement support
Free masterclasses
Comprehensive online manual

VETtrak Pros

  • Comprehensive compliant reporting
  • Low monthly costs if only one user
  • Both Cloud and local hosting available
  • Access to Tutor and student portals
  • Online assessment submission

VETtrak Cons

  • Annual Billing only
  • Basic marketing and financial features
  • No website integration for course or class information
  • No SEO features
  • A number of services are considered ‘add ons’ and carry additional charges
  • Payment plans require use of Ezidebit which will require addtioanl costs and set up
  • A number of important features (Surveys, Integrations) are restricted to highest subscription levels
  • High cost of cloud hosting, at an addtional $25 per user, per month
  • Per user fee strutures encourage shared logins to save costs but decreased effectiveness of user audit trail - add ons like VETenrol can have high set up cost, we were quoted a $2,000 fixed fee
  • VETenrol has high transactions cost, with ongoing monthly minimum of $99, and transaciton fees of $4 per enrolment costs after first 25 transactions

onCourse Advantages

  • Monthly Billing available
  • Absolute website integration for courses and classes
  • No additional charges for web enrolment set up
  • Online enrolment a percentage rather than fixed fee
  • Choice of website packages to best suit your needs
  • Unlimted uses logins for better audit trails
  • Advanced financial and marketing features
  • Seamless and secure online payments
  • Payment plans are part of the system and do not require additional contracts with third party providers

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Last updated June 2016