onCourse is a highly customisable student management and marketing system. Take a look at the big list of features or browse through a high level topics in the sidebar.

Reduced costs

One college went from 25 full time administrative staff to 5 within two years after implementing onCourse, while increasing their number of enrolments each year. So many manual processes can be automated when you have a powerful website, student and tutor portals, finance system and process automation completely integrated from one vendor.


The best course websites in Australia are all driven by onCourse. Best practices SEO is baked in, even if you use our default templates.


Marketing is so much more than a pretty website. You need to see what courses work and what don’t, and then do something about it. Send SMS and emails crafted to a student’s interests and history, inviting them to re-engage with you. Offer differentiated pricing for every type of student with discounts, promotional codes, early bird discounts, gift certificates and vouchers. onCourse gives you a whole bunch of tools to target each student’s individual needs.


With detailed budgets and deferred income reports, you can see past the cash in your bank to understand how you really are performing. Compliance reporting is a breeze.