The accrual accounting general ledger is the heart of onCourse, allowing you to manage your student fee income, funding income, liabilities and fees collected in advance of delivery. Mapping your onCourse chart of accounts to the general ledger in your accounting tool ensures a simple weekly or monthly balance transfer can take place.

A sophisticated pre-paid fee liability process ensures that at any given point in time, your income earned is representative of the training you have delivered. Invoices issued in advance of delivery are held in liability and proportionally transferred to income as the program is run.

On enrolment, invoices are created and optionally issued via email with a range of payment in advance, deposit payments, or invoice term arrangements available. Real time credit card payment processing is built into the software, with an online payment gateway built into the public website and private portal. Automated receipting, and overdue payment reminders make debt collection simple.


Detailed class budgets allow you to keep track of each program’s income and expenses, giving you both forecasts and real time calculations of the break even and profitability point of your classes.

Student fee income, funding income, discounts, direct class expenses and tutor payroll combine to give you accurate predictions of your running costs, predicted and actual income.

Overview and detailed level reporting allows you to analyse on a class by class, or program grouping level the overall profitability of each activity in your organisation so you can make informed decisions when they matter the most.

Training Vouchers

Any way you want to pre-sell product without the user having to make a class selection is achievable in onCourse. Three distinct types of system gift vouchers offer the ultimate flexibility in sales and redemption.

A standard style of gift voucher where the user nominates the amount they wish to purchase and redeem the voucher for is a breeze. Other value based vouchers can also be offered for sale, either where the sale price and redemption price are identical, or where the voucher is worth more on redemption than on purchase e.g. buy a voucher for $100, redeem it for $120 worth of training.

Packaged based vouchers also allow for enormous flexibility in class sales. Nominate the courses the voucher is eligible for, and the number of enrolments the students can redeem. Using this method, you can sell a flexible bundle of classes, like ten singing lesson sessions, or four short course enrolments for an annual pass. Employers can also purchase discounted enrolments in bulk using package based vouchers, for example buying a bundle of 20 First Aid Certificate classes at 50% off, and allow their staff to redeem the vouchers around their schedules.

Vouchers automatically expire on the time period of your choosing, ensuring that financially, your potential liability doesn’t sit indefinitely on the books.

Powerful discounting & promotional tools make every sale count.


Powerful discounting and promotional tools make the sale of every seat count. Offer early bird or last minute discounts, volume based discounts and loyalty based promotions to reward your returning customers and keep classes full. Your product is perishable, and sophisticated discounting options can be helpful to maximize your return across the whole demand curve.

Time based discounts can be set to change the class fee automatically based on the days out from it’s commencement. Discounts can auto commence and cease based on your pre-configured requirements. Once you’ve built a set of rules, it’s simple to apply to all programs, or a category grouping of classes.

Reporting and discount tracking allows you to judge your successful promotional activities through the use of directed marketing campaigns with unique promotional codes.

Discounts can also be based on memberships which you can sell or give away. A membership based discount may apply to all employees of a member employer, or for the families of your own employees.

Discounts also allow the creation of classes with multiple student fee charges, where government funding and student type dictate the one of many fee options applicable. Discounts schemes which can be created and assigned to multiple programs, with class level overrides offer the ultimate flexibility in grouping, reporting and managing all the price points you offer.


All enrolments, all invoiced, all of the time. No more random mismatches between payments, invoices, debtors and credit, just one smooth process from beginning to end.

When a student is loaded into Quick Enrol, their outstanding account balance is loaded right along with them, so before you even choose their next enrolment, you can confirm if they have paid for their last one.

At the point of sale, invoices can be issued to the student directly, or to a third party, like an employer or agent. Should for any reason the students enrolment be canceled, the credit and optional payment reversal will go back to the person or company who paid for it.

Each company you invoice can have individual payment terms, and companies or individuals can have payment plan applied to their invoice.

Invoices can be paid for at time time of sale, through the real time credit card processing gateway or via any other method you allow.

Compliance with tax law ensures each item shows it’s taxable amount, with a total tax summary in the invoice total.

Automated emails at the end of the enrolment process send the invoice and payment receipt to the debtor, and the enrolment confirmation to the student if they are one and the same, or different contacts. Automatic remittance instructions can be included for unpaid invoices, with a link to your online payment portal and/or EFT instructions for bank transfers.

Payment plans

Meet your RTO compliance requirements and offer payment flexibility for your students with your choice of payment options.

Many short course providers require payment in full for enrolments under a nominated value, however if you wish to allow zero upfront payment for online enrolments, you can simply offer a two part payment plan which requires full payment on class commencement.

For enrolments of sufficient value, a pre-defined payment plan can be put in place with regular payments scheduled for a manageable amount. Students who miss a payment will be sent an automatic reminder to pay with a link to the payment gateway where they can process their payment themselves.

Aged debtor reporting allows you to keep track of you students on payment plans and ensure they are meeting their commitments.

Say goodbye to time wasting payment processing and identification efforts.


Say hello to your new automated debtor management system, and say goodbye to time wasting payment processing and identification efforts.

onCourse is your point of sale system for everything enrolment and training related. All student enrolment fees, custom training company invoices, sales of textbooks, uniforms and learning material sales, and their payments, are handled in one place.

On enrolment, invoices are generated for every purchase. Invoices can be paid for at the time of purchase, using the built in real time credit card processing gateway, deposits can be taken and pre-scheduled payment plans enacted.

Employers can book a group of their staff into a selection of training programs in a single invoice and payment process. CorporatePasses allow pre-agreed online enrolment at corporate rates, using a special code that can be distributed to staff, while centrally invoicing HR.

Overdue payment amounts for unpaid invoices, or missed payment plan payments send automatic reminders with a link to portal gateway payment tool, allowing debtors to view and print their invoice and payment history and pay by credit card.

Payment via other methods is also available, with automatic and manual banking options, and simple tools for payment reconciliation against your bank account.

Should pre-paid enrolments be canceled, a transfer wizard allows you to allocate the payment to a new enrolment for the same student, or a different attendee if needed. PCI-DSS compliant reversals back to credit cards processed through onCourse are also available, without the need to store payer credit card details in the software.


Built for Australian and overseas markets, onCourse allows you to select your currency of choice and build in your own tax rates, like Australia’s own GST or international VAT and other sales taxes.

Sales taxes are posted to a liability account in the general ledger, ensuring that for all financial calculations only the portion of your total cost of sale that is your income, is used to calculate your program profitability.

With full unicode character support, course descriptions, student emails and other internal text can also be written in the language of your choice.


An important aspect of your class viability is the cost of staff, and be they employees or contractors, onCourse can record their rates of pay and using this data, not only calculate the expenses involved in delivering a single class, but also calculate the weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll for all your trainers.

onCourse ties together your class schedules with a tutor roster and pay rates. Each tutor role can have predefined default rate, and allows for rollover dates for pay rate changes. Payroll can be calculated per hour, per session, per student or as a fixed amount. A per enrolment bonus can be included, as can additional allowances or rates for preparation or assessment marking.

Once training is delivered, onCourse handles flexible pay cycles to generate and then authorise each pay, along with custom pay lines. You can then export the final payroll data into Xero, MYOB other payroll processing system of your choice for final tax and super calculations.


onCourse exports financial data in a variety of flexible ways, allowing easy integration with financial tools such as MYOB, XERO, QuickBooks or more enterprise based SAP or custom solutions.

The general ledger at the heart of the onCourse finance system can be set up to match your chart of accounts, for the easy journaling of data between the two systems.

Line by line transactional data, or period summary data can be exported from onCourse on an automatic schedule and imported into your financial tool automatically or manually depending on your preferences.

Banking and reconciliation, summary trial balances, month end period reporting and locking makes onCourse a neat match for your favourite financial processes.