Student Management

Every software solution on the market does Student Management in one way or another. And some of us do it exceedingly well, in a way you can highly customise to meet your own business requirements.

With the ability to create custom fields, build your own tagging structure, relationships and custom automation, onCourse provides you with the ultimate flexibility and rock solid reliability.

From initial enquiry through to enrolment, build and manage your sale process and enquiry workflow in a way that works for you. Market to your potential students and also to your alumni with sophisticated integrations with best of breed mailing list tools like MailChimp.

For Registered Training Organisations, reporting compliance is at the heart of what we offer, but we don’t let it drive your business process. Enrol students in non accredited training, short courses or complete qualifications and capture the appropriate data in a unique workflow for each type of program.

Course and Class Templates

Quickly creating new product to offer to the market is the heart of demand driven delivery. When creating new training programs, onCourse offers you quick and convenient tools to create brand new courses from scratch, by importing data directly from or offering duplicate options for your existing programs.

Whether you’re creating a new class for a course, upgrading a qualification to a new training package version or rolling over your three hundred classes from last term’s program ready to offer to a new enrolment intake, onCourse is on the job.

The best course websites in Australia are all driven by onCourse.

Resource Management

To effectively manage your training programs, you need an understanding of your resource allocation and their associated business expenses. Room and tutor allocations are checked for collision on allocation, and expenses for your resources populate into the class budget, to keep you informed at all times of your running costs, sunk costs, and necessary enrolments for both break even and profit.

Detailed timetabled views for tutors and rooms, plus unavailability management when external events take your resources out of the picture, allow for effective reporting and resource allocation management across your campuses.

Staff Management

Many training organisations maintain a large stable of subject matter experts available as contractors or casual employees. Your onCourse staff management tools allow you to store employment documentation and certification securely against each tutor record, publish a biography out to the web, and give every staff member, no matter how many there might be, access to a tutor portal with all their past, present and future scheduled program details.

With an easily searchable employment history and availability matrix, it’s simple to locate the right employee for a job. You can allocate them them to a schedule, manage the confirmation process, and record their pay rates, time and attendance for payroll processing.

Tutor Payroll

onCourse includes a complete time and attendance time sheet system for your teaching staff, that allows on the go adjustments to pay rates and scheduling for the most complicated of arrangements.

Multiple tutors at multiple rates can be scheduled to deliver each session, with assessors and coordinators allocated their pay rates on the basis of enrolment numbers rather than delivery hours.

At the end of each pay cycle, an automated CSV export into your payroll system of choice will export all the data required ready for you to process the payments.

Document Management

Amazon cloud hosted version and access controlled document management is included as standard with all onCourse managed solutions. Permission based access allows you to automatically control distribution of resources to your tutors and students via their portal, or to your onCourse website as part of your marketing copy.

Need to upload a resource to all classes from a course? Simple. Photo Id for every student? Consider it done. Marketing images for every course on your onCourse website? We have the tool for that.

With a rich tagging and document allocation engine managing your training and assessment content in the heart of your student management system, putting your fingers on evidence for audit compliance becomes a breeze.

Automatic uploads to the document management system of records like student certifications issued also provide your students with the ability to log in, download and print resources and certificates they’ve misplaced without having to contact your office staff.

Version Control

A delete option is handy, but often it works against the evidence you need to retain to show the process of events that led to a certain decision being made. In onCourse, immutable records that can be reversed but not deleted ensure that you’ll never lose track of enrolment history, invoicing or payment data due to data entry mistakes.

All documents uploaded to onCourse are also automatically under version control too, with the ability to lock records to versions to shown a tidy history of which class group was provided with each version of your continually evolving training and assessment resources.

Best practices SEO is baked in, even if you use our default templates.


The onCourse student management database is integrated with the onCourse website and onCourse portal system straight out of the box, so you can be up and running with an online enrolment website the day you start your new onCourse system.

With built in AVETMISS data integration, you can quickly export your data out of any other commercial system in Australia and populate onCourse your student contact details and their outcome history in a matter of clicks.

For other integration options, behind the scenes sits the powerful onCourse API that drives the automation and reporting options inside onCourse, and also allows for simple add-ons to be written so onCourse can integrate with external software solutions.

Included as standard are integrations with MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Xero, Myob, Moodle and Cloud Assess. You can enable these integrations with your existing accounts and software services.

Custom integrations can also be built on request, by our team or yours. Over the years we have built a range of custom integrations for corporate finance, HR and proprietary LMS solutions.

Workflow and Automation

One of the most powerful tools in onCourse is the advanced and customisable set of scripts, templates and exports that are included as standard, and the ability to create as many new scripts as your business processes require.

Workflow and automation is about so much more than sending emails on events. While every tool on the market allows you to schedule automated email messages, only a true scripting tool like the Groovy DMS in onCourse gives you the capability to write back to the database.

Consider some of the built in scripts onCourse offers: synchronized classes that ‘share’ a class maximum, automatically reducing their counterpart’s availability when the other gains a new enrolment.

Or an advanced set of rules that create the appropriate vocational certification based on checks that confirm all enrolment group outcomes have been marked and whether the student has meet the eligibility requirements for a Qualification or Statement of Attainment based on their results.

Tie this in to an integration with your Learning Management System or onCourse portal and a student whose attendance has been marked as sufficient against your pre-set minimums e.g. 80%, and those who have successfully completed the course assessment activities can have their Certification issued automatically to their email the day after completion. Drop the manual handing and the staffing requirements of running a Registered Training Organisation become far more achievable when you have a true scripting engine at your disposal.

API and Customised Reporting

With a public API and all our email templates, print report and export reports available to adapt to your needs, your reporting options are only limited by your imagination.

Each printed report can be set up with a custom PDF background, so without getting your hands dirty in a report editing engine, you can add your business letterhead and certificate background to any of the standard print reports you want to customise.

If you’re keen to adjust report content or layout, open source editing tools let you reconfigure print reports to your heart’s content.

Access Control

Ensuring your staff only have permission to create and modify the types of records related to their job role is crucial to managing the risks of operating a business.

Unlimited user accounts are included as standard, so each individual who logs into onCourse can have their own account and associated permissions. System logging, particularly around financial and VET record creation and editing means you can quickly determine who has made what changes.

Create the job roles that apply within your organisation so users can be assigned to a group with permissions appropriate to them, and integrated onCourse with your LDAP database to automatically configure new accounts as needed.

Teaching staff, external enrolment coordinators. students, parents, agents and employers all have accounts created in onCourse portal where they have access to see their own records, and offer standard access control to update their own information, like changing their own of their employees contact details, or unsubscribing to waiting lists.