onCourse gives you a view of your calendars by tutor, site, room, course, class or grouped in almost any way you choose. Because these calendars are tied into the heart of your student management, they feed into training plans, payroll and attendance.

Creating a new term is as simple as duplicating a whole programme in one go, moving them forward to a new date with one action. You can have dozens of classes advertised online in a few seconds.

Venue Management

Because you can define sites linked directly to Google Maps, students and tutors are given online directions to the exact location of their class. You can even send them reminders to turn up. Schedule times your rooms are unavailable for outside hire, and collect feedback from students as to how they liked the teaching spaces.

Take the hassle out of scheduling and planning

Collision Detection

See instantly if you have double booked a tutor or room. Record tutor availability and holidays, then schedule your classes quickly and accurately.

The web of things

onCourse is the source of information that is synchronised to student and tutor phones, Outlook calendars, a mobile friendly portal, printed reports, and wall mounted live room schedules. It powers email and SMS reminders, Google maps, and online search for ‘coming soon’.