There are a lot of companies offering SEO services, but few who really know how to craft a website to work for search, student engagement, conversions and positioning your online brand. SEO is so much more than running an automated script to tell you to optimise your images.

Saint Rollox Digital

Saint Rollox Digital is an award-winning SEO and digital marketing agency in Sydney who have worked with onCourse since 2009. Their past work has included search engine optimisation for the Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Sydney and the University of Newcastle, Sydney Campus.

Web design

We’ve worked with many designers over the years. Many of them were very good, but there are a couple who we think did a really excellent job.


A full service agency based in Newcastle, they can take care of design, build, copywriting and SEO. They built WEA Sydney as well as Sydney Uni sites and have a really in depth understanding of onCourse. They also built some of the template sites for us.


Another full service agency, also in Newcastle. They built the site for Central Coast Community College and introduced some really nice ideas. They built a few more of the template sites and they have the skills to create a new brand or campaign for you.

Web developer

Chintan Kotadia

Chintan built one of the template sites and has worked as part of the onCourse development team since 2012. He knows more about building onCourse sites than almost anyone else and if you can supply him with clear ideas or mockups of what you want, he’ll make it happen.