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Navigating around the Product window
Adding a new product
Settings tab
Corporate Passes tab
Relating a product to a course
Purchasing a product

A range of products can be sold through onCourse. You have already seen how you can create classes and open them for enrolment at any price you set. In addition to enrolments in classes you can also sell:

In this chapter we'll focus on the last of these items: product sales. For more information on memberships, see the concessions and memberships chapter and for more information on vouchers, see the vouchers chapter.

Products in onCourse are a simple way to supply additional, defined items during an enrolment sale. onCourse does not manage a stock inventory or the shipping of products. It is expected that most products will be supplied to the student in person when they attend the class.

Navigating around the Product window

To open the product window you can either use the splash screen and click on the Voucher type option in the Marketing tab or the onCourse menu Resources -> Products

View of the products window

Adding a new product

Settings tab

There are a number of fields in this tab, they are:

  • Name - allows you to name the product.

  • Code - allows you to create a code for this product.

  • Description - this allows you to include a description of the product in rich text, useful for the online marketing of the product.

  • Income account - allows you to select what income account this is connected to.

  • Status - you can choose whether this product can be either disabled; purchased in the office only; or purchased in the office as well as online.

View of the setting tab in the product edit view window

Corporate Passes tab

This feature allows you to link a number of Corporate Pass to products. You can find the list of Corporate Passes linked to the product by clicking on the Corporate Passes tab in the products edit view.

Linking a Corporate Pass to a Product

Relating a product to a course

Products can be related to courses, for example, if there is a textbook you suggest purchasing a long with enrolling in the course.

After you have created the product, open the course which you with to relate it to, on the Marketing tab.

Click on the plus button + on the panel related courses/products to add a new product to the list.

Search for the product by it's name or SKU and save. The product will then appear on the web and in Quick Enrol as a suggested related purchase during enrolment in a class from this course.

Adding a product 'Cookies' as a related product to this course

Purchasing a product

A product can be purchased from Quick Enrol, either in conjunction with an enrolment or as a standalone purchase.

Products can be purchased by clicking on the field Enter course or item...' then you can either click on the 'Show all' button next to the word PRODUCTS on the right side of the page and select one of the products listed. Alternatively you can start typing and the rest of the product record will be automatically filled.

View of Quick Enrol after you have clicked on the 'Enter course or item...' field and selected show all next to PRODUCTS

Once you have found the product you want to add you can choose who you want to supply it to, if there is more than one contact listed. Then you can specify how many products want to be bought and you have the option to change the price before or after GST if needed.


If you change the 'Price each ex tax' field it will update the Total price to the correct amount, this will work in reverse also.

View in Quick Enrol when the product 'Chair' has been added