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Creating a voucher type
Navigating around the Voucher Type window
Purchasing a voucher
Purchasing a voucher on the web
Redeeming a voucher
Investigating voucher redemption
Redeeming a voucher in Quick Enrol when the 'Send the invoice when the voucher is redeemed to x' is checked.
Redeeming a voucher on the web
Navigating the Voucher list window
Cancelling a Voucher
Using a vouchers in place of credit notes

Voucher products can be created in onCourse, and then offered for sale either via the College website or through the office via Quick Enrol. These vouchers can be gift certificates, a way to sell a bundle of enrolments as a set fee, or as a method of issuing a student with a credit, allowing them to apply that credit to an open or restricted range of courses.

Example 21.1. Voucher Use Cases

  1. A voucher product for sale for a user specified dollar value. The redemption value is the same as the purchase price and has a fixed redemption period e.g. 12 months. This type of voucher is typically known as a gift certificate.

  2. A voucher product for sale for a different redemption price to the purchase price. e.g. purchase price $100, redemption value $120. This type of voucher can then be used as credit to purchase enrolments or other products.

  3. A voucher product offered for sale for a fixed fee, redeemable for a single enrolment in a course or set of courses.

  4. A voucher product offered for sale for a fixed fee and fixed number of enrolments from a set of one or more courses. For example 4 enrolments from one course (a year's worth of enrolments in a course) or 4 enrolments in 4 courses (one enrolment in each of the four courses).

  5. A way to sell a bundle of enrolments to a company for a fixed fee, for their staff to enrol in a class of their choice from a course, e.g. 10 enrolments in your choice of classes for the course Computers for Beginners. This type of voucher would send the invoice on redemption to the nominated company contact, rather than to the student.

onCourse Terms and Definitions

Voucher Type

A voucher is a product which can be sold and later redeemed for other purchases or enrolments. Vouchers can be redeemed for a monetary value or for a fixed number of enrolments in a set range of courses. The voucher type describes how much the voucher costs to purchase, how long it is valid for and what it can be redeemed for.


Vouchers are the list of purchased voucher type products. Vouchers can be purchased and redeemed through Quick Enrol. This list shows who purchased the voucher, who it is redeemable by and what the remaining value of the voucher includes. Every voucher has a unique code that must be quoted for redemption.

Creating a voucher type

For most cases when a user wants to buy a voucher, they will nominate the price they wish to purchase the voucher for, and that the price will also be the redemption value of the voucher. (Type 1) This type of voucher product will be created by default for all onCourse instances and be called "Gift certificate". It will only be enabled if the College has the right license that enables this feature.

In addition, colleges can create other types of voucher products that are linked to enrolment permissions and these will have purchase prices fixed by the college. Some of these types of voucher products may also be available for sale on the website.

A voucher may be sold as part of the existing QE process or it may be given away for free (sold with 100% discount). Either way, an email is sent to the payer with the details of that voucher (not the student since it may be a gift, if the student and the payer are different people).

Navigating around the Voucher Type window

To open the voucher type window you can either use the splash screen and click on the Voucher type option in the Marketing tab or the onCourse menu File -> Preferences -> Voucher type.

View of the voucher type window


If a voucher passes the expiry date, the status is set to 'Expired' and the balance of the voucher purchase price is transferred from the Voucher Liability account to the Vouchers Expired income account. Expired vouchers are greyed out in the voucher list and can't be redeemed and edited. Their expiry date can not be changed.

To create a new voucher type simply click on the + icon in the top right hand side of the window and enter the information required.

Voucher general tab

There are a number of fields in the general tab, they are:

  • SKU - this refers to a stock-keeping unit, a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased. You can create whatever product code you want for any voucher.

  • Name - allows you to name the voucher.

  • Liability Account - allows you to choose the liability account you want the purchase price of the voucher to be deposited into until it is redeemed or expires

  • Expiry date - this allows you to create a expiry date for the voucher from the date of purchase e.g. 365 days.

  • Options for redemption - you can select whether you want the voucher to be able to be redeemed for an enrolment/s, for the purchased price or for different price.

View of the general tab in a new voucher type record

If you want the voucher to be able to be redeemed for a enrolment you can leave the drop down box as "enrolment in" as this is set as the default. You will need to choose how many enrolments you want it to apply to in the box to the right. A voucher may allow for multiple enrolments in one course, an enrolment in choice of courses, or a mix of the two.

From here click on the + icon to choose what course/s the voucher can be redeemed against, then finally enter the voucher purchase price at the bottom left hand side of the window.

View of the general tab if the option for redemption is left with the default option "enrolment in"

When clicking on the + button you open up a new window that gives you three options to choose what course/s the voucher can be redeemed against, they are:

  • Course - allows you to choose a specific course/s that the voucher can be redeemed against.

  • All courses tagged with - allows you to choose a group of courses that have the same tag.

  • All enabled courses - allows you to use this voucher for any course available.


    If you want to apply a voucher to more than one specific course then you can add each course one by one using the first option "Course" making sure you select OK after each course added.

View of the three options you can apply the voucher to.

A standard 'Gift voucher' type of voucher is redeemed for it's purchase price. You can choose this option from the drop down menu.

View of the general tab if the option "purchase price" is selected from the drop down box

If you want it to be redeemed for a different price than the one purchased for then select "value" from the drop down menu and choose the amount it will be redeemed for. This would usually be more than the purchase price, not less.

View of the general tab if the option "value" is selected from the drop down box

Voucher web tab

This tab allows you to choose if this voucher is available to be purchased online and if you wish to include any marketing copy on your website.

There are two check boxes in this tab:

  • Can be purchased online - when checked it allows people to buy this voucher on your website. If unchecked, the voucher can only be purchased via the office.

  • Is on sale - means the voucher is available to be purchased. If you are creating a once off voucher for a corporate customer, you may wish to uncheck the on sale option so it is disabled and can not be purchased again through the office or website.

You can also add a more in depth description that will be displayed on the website (as long as both check boxes are selected) in the Web description field.

View of the web tab in a new voucher type record

Purchasing a voucher

Purchasing a voucher in onCourse is done through Quick Enrol window. You can search for a voucher by either start typing in the Vouchers name or SKU in the 'Enter course or item' field on the left side of the page. Alternatively you can click in the 'Enter course or item' field, then click on the 'Show all' button next to the word 'VOUCHERS' on the right side of the page. Once you have found the voucher you want click the 'Select' button next to it.


When a voucher is purchased it always gets sent to the payer just like the invoice does.

How to find a voucher you want to purchase through Quick Enrol

Once you have found the voucher you want to add you have a few editable areas in the 'VOUCHER PURCHASE' page

  • Price each - This allows you to individually adjust the cost for this one of purchase of this voucher

  • Expires on - You can also adjust the expiry date for this one of purchase of this voucher if it's different from the one originally setup

  • Send the invoice when the voucher is redeemed to x - This check box allows you to choose whether an invoice gets automatically sent to the payer if the voucher gets redeemed.

Options when purchasing a voucher in Quick Enrol

Purchasing a voucher on the web

You can find a list of vouchers on your website by putting /products on the end of your homepages URL. A voucher is purchased the same way as if you buying a course or product.

Confirmation message after purchasing a voucher online

Redeeming a voucher

A student can redeem a voucher either via an office based enrolment in Quick Enrol or by enrolling online themselves. They will have to supply their voucher code which can be found in their voucher confirmation email. A student can type in the voucher code in the payment window during an online enrolment or your staff can redeem the voucher for them during an office based enrolment.

For more information on the financial transactions that occur in the general ledger when a voucher is bought and sold, refer to the accounting chapter.

A voucher is a payment method against an invoice.

When you are trying to redeem a voucher in Quick Enrol

  1. You have to firstly add the student/s, class/es or product/s as normal when enrolling a student

  2. In the bottom field on the left hand side, 'Enter voucher or promotion..', enter the voucher code that the student would have received by email (as seen in the screen shot below)

    Entering a voucher code during quick enrol

  3. Click on the '+' symbol next the field or press return on the keyboard

  4. This in turn will apply amount available on the voucher as a payment towards this invoice (as seen in the screen shot below)

  5. If the voucher used is for a monetary value then you have the ability to choose how much of the voucher you want to apply towards the class or product

  6. Additional payments can be added if there is a difference between the voucher balance and the invoice balance, such as a credit card payment.

    Redeeming a voucher on the web

  7. Continue the process as you normally would when enrolling someone through Quick Enrol


A voucher can only be redeemed in onCourse through the Quick Enrol window. If the voucher is set for redemption for a specific number of courses, it must be used when the enrolment is created and can't be used to pay for an enrolment post creation. A voucher for a monetary value can be used to make a payment against an invoice post-enrolment if needed.

Investigating voucher redemption

On occasion, you may need to find a voucher that was redeemed in a sales process. From either the Invoice, Enrolment or Payment In window, you can use the 'find related' function to go back to the voucher that was used during the sale.

Select the record you want to investigate with a single click in the list view and click on the 'Find related' icon and select the option 'Voucher redeemed'. This will open a new list showing the voucher, or vouchers that we used as a payment method for the record.

Using find related to locate the original voucher used in the payment process for an invoice

Redeeming a voucher in Quick Enrol when the 'Send the invoice when the voucher is redeemed to x' is checked.

If a user is trying to redeem a voucher when the 'Send the invoice when the voucher is redeemed to x' is checked it will automatically add the defined voucher invoice contact to Quick Enrol as the payer. There is also a message in red saying the 'payer is locked due the voucher being redeemed' in the items and payments tab under the payer name.

The payer is locked due the voucher being redeemed message


A second voucher cannot be added to the Quick Enrol process unless the second voucher is also locked to the same payer.

Redeeming a voucher on the web

During the checkout stage of your website enrolment there is a field (as seen in the screenshot below) in the Summary section that allows you to enter a voucher code. This field is available again on the payment page. Enter the voucher code, click "Add Code' and it will redeem it against the value of the order if it is valid. If the code is not valid then an error message will appear.

Additional payment methods will be requested during the final stages of the checkout process if the voucher doesn't cover the entire balance of the enrolment(s).

Redeeming a voucher on the web


When someone buys a voucher through the office they need to wait up to 15 minutes before they can redeem it online.

Navigating the Voucher list window

This window displays the list of purchased vouchers. To open the voucher window you can go to either use the splash screen and click on the Voucher option in the Marketing tab or select from the onCourse menu Resources -> Vouchers.

In this window you can:

  • Check the status of a sold, redeemed or partially redeemed voucher

  • Resend a voucher code by email - this can be found in the cog wheel and can be done for any number of records at a time.

  • Cancel a voucher - this can only be done one voucher at a time. More information can be found in the Cancelling a Voucher section below.

  • Create/purchase a voucher from the + button. This opens the Quick Enrol window.

View of the voucher window

To open a voucher record simply double click on a record in the list, which will open a new window.

This window contains two main tabs, they are:

  • General - this tab allows you to choose who the invoice gets sent through to if redeemed and allows to change the expiry date (prior to the voucher expiring). You would usually only enter data in the 'send invoice on redemption' field if you wanted the invoice to be sent to someone other than the student on redemption, i.e. the employer who purchased the voucher. If you leave this field blank, the invoice will go the payer of the enrolment who redeems the voucher.

  • Redemption - this tab shows all invoices where the voucher was used as a payment method during enrolment. Double clicking on an item in this list will open the related invoice, where you can see the specific voucher redemption information in the payment panel.

View of a voucher record

Cancelling a Voucher

The cancellation process will check if any of the enrolments invoices were paid using a voucher. If you cancel a class and then credit all the students, regardless of how they paid their enrolment fee value will be created as a credit note.

To cancel a voucher purchase, highlight the selected record, click on the cog wheel, then select "Cancel voucher". This process is similar to cancelling an enrolment, in that you have the option to provide a credit note during the cancellation process, or retain the fee paid.

A cancelled voucher can not be redeemed.

The options available are:

  • Create credit note to reverse the voucher fee - this is checked by default, however if you wish to not create a credit note then uncheck this box and select Proceed. Unchecking this option retains all the fee paid for the voucher for your business.

  • Retain administrative fee - select this box as well if you want to deduct an admin fee from the credit note. From here you can then choose the amount deducted, whether it includes GST and the account the retained fee is attributed to.

View of the window when cancelling a voucher


It's your responsibility to note this message during cancellation and follow their own internal policies regarding voucher. You can either use the credit to provide the student with a new voucher to the same or original value, or use the credit note for a standard transfer or refund. For purchase price vouchers this will not be a problem, only fixed price vouchers that offer greater value or enrolment cluster vouchers.

Using a vouchers in place of credit notes

You may want to use vouchers in place of credit notes for a variety reasons:

  1. They remove credit note balances from your trade debtors account

  2. If unused by the student, they automatically expire after a fixed period of time to become income for your business, instead of remaining as a liability indefinitely

  3. They can be used to enrol online by anyone who has the voucher code e.g. the student can gift their credit to a friend by giving them the voucher code

To convert credit notes into gift vouchers, you first need to ensure you have a voucher type set up that can be purchased for a variable amount.

Example 21.2. How to create a voucher type that can be purchased and redeemed for an amount of any value

  1. Go to the menu Products > Voucher Types to open the list view

  2. Click on the + to create a new type of voucher

  3. Enter a SKU and voucher name. Commonly, this type of voucher is called a 'Gift Voucher'

  4. By default, your vouchers will be set to expire a year after purchase (365 days). Change this value if you wish.

  5. Select Can be redeemed for... 'Purchase Price'. This will make all the other options on the general tab disapear.

  6. If you wish to sell this voucher on your website, go to the tab Web and check the option 'Can be purchased online'. You may also wish to add a product description on this tab also

  7. Save and close your new voucher type

Settings to create a gift voucher type

Example 21.3. Using a credit note to purchase a gift voucher

If a customer has a credit on their record, this credit can be used to purchase a gift voucher, provided the credit they have exceeds any amount outstanding in relation to unpaid invoice. Their total debtors position must be one of credit.

To see the credit available to a customer, open Quick Enrol and type their name in. Their Balance Outstanding needs to be negative (shown in brackets) to have credit available for the purchase of a voucher as per this process.

In most instances, you are going to sell the customer a voucher that is equal to the value of their Balance outstanding. You can also sell a voucher for less than or more than this amount if needed, but will also need to collect payment for the difference.

  1. Open Quick Enrol and type in the customer name

  2. Under items, type in the name of your voucher type e.g. Gift Voucher

  3. In the 'Price each' field, enter the value of the voucher you wish to sell e.g. the value of their Balance outstanding.

  4. If you want the students whose credit is being used to purchase the voucher to be notified when the voucher is redeemed, check the option 'send the invoice when the voucher is redeemed to xxx'. Optionally override the expiry date of the voucher in this window also.

  5. If the sale price of the voucher is equal to the Balance outstanding, there should be no amount payable. Select save to create the voucher and send the redemption instructions to the student.

Selling a gift voucher equal to the amount a student has in credit